ViewSonic VP2780-4K – a strong display at a reasonable price?


Whether you call it 4K or Ultra HD, the next generation of monitors is still too pricey for most consumers. However, for professional use ViewSonic’s new VP2780-4K looks to be a viable budget option.

It’s a 27-inch display with a 3840×2160 pixel resolution. When you’re working on graphics or video editing, a sharp picture isn’t sufficient: you need as wide a range of colours as possible. PC Advisor notes the monitor can show every one of the possible colours covered by the older sRGB colour system, along with 80 percent of the potential colours on Adobe systems.

PC Pro was impressed with the display’s colour and contrast, but noted that in its review model at least, images had an unwanted “warm, reddish tint.” It also criticised the variance in brightness across the monitor.

Another key feature of the VP2780-4K is that it’s among the first to support HDMI 2.0. That means double the bandwidth of the more-common HDMI 1.4, in turn making it possible to run a 4K resolution with a 60Hz refresh rate. PC World notes that previous 4K monitors have been stuck at an “unusable” 30Hz, so this is one of the first monitors to fully exploit 4K’s potential.

Several reviewers criticised the monitor’s on-screen menu set-up. It uses a touch-sensitive input on the bezel, but PC Advisor found this required such a firm press that you’d need to hold the monitor in place with your other hand.


While £699 puts this firmly in the professional category, the VP2780-4K seems to be very much a budget model within this context. If the early reviews are anything to go by, it’s a matter of viewpoint: you can see the annoyances and limitations as unacceptable in such an expensive purchase, or you can see the screen quality and resolution as making it a bargain compared with rival models that can cost almost twice as much.

Visit Viewsonic to find out more.

A stylish thumbs up for the new Philips Moda 2 Monitor


OK, so it might not be as big as the 40-inch Philips 4K monitor Latest Gadgets recently produced a round up on, but the new Philips Moda 2 monitor, with its 27-inch IPS display, is still pretty darn big.

The new Philips 275c5QHAW is introduced by MMD, a technology company and brand license partner for Philips Monitors. Proudly marketing the monitor as the “display with sense appeal”, the Moda 2 appeals to viewers’ senses –apparently.

With its glossy white Moda design and minimalist look, this yet-to-be-released 27-inch monitor certainly looks to have a rather eye-catching design. According to Thomas Schade, Vice President EMEA and MMD:

“Looks really matter when people choose a display for their living room. We’re confident that the new display will attract attention for all the right reasons.”

But what do the slightly less biased tech press have to say about the new Philips Moda 2?

Oh My Gadget! is somewhat bowled over by the fact the Moda 2 enables you to show videos from your smartphone without any wires. Being equipped with built-in 7 watt speakers which support the Bluetooth connection users can play video and audio content on the monitor with portable devices, completely wire free.

For surround-sound enthusiasts, the Moda 2 boasts acoustic audio 5.1 on the basis of SRS WOW HD, the net result being surround-sound.

Another note-worthy trait of this monitor is its slight frame, just 2.5mm, which, according to Oh My Gadget! “makes it virtually invisible and increases the viewing area.”

A super-slim frame

Tech Boom is pretty impressed with this sleek and slim monitor. According to its review, this model uses an IPS panel and achieve “the most brilliant images and extended viewing angles of 178 degrees.”

Also picking up on the fact the monitor’s speaker Bluetooth can be used to connect a portable device, Tech Boom is quick to point out you can even answer calls directly from your computer.

Flicker-Free technology

Long gone are the days when we staring into a flickering screen all day would result in eye-fatigue, headaches, or, worse still, migraines, as the Philips Moda 2 is equipped with Flicker-Free technology, designed, as Tech Boom, states, to reduce flicker and regulate the brightness.

According to Crowded Brain, with AH-IPS technology, viewers can enjoy extra-wide viewing angles, from virtually any angle. As the CrowdedBrain review states, with a Full HD widescreen resolutions of 1920 x 1080 pixels, the monitor’s display “supports the highest HD resolution for maximum picture quality.”

All-in-all it seems to be a thumbs up for this definitely stylish looking monitor.


The new Philips Moda 2 is expected to retail around £279.

The 40-inch 4K Philips UHD display – size matters, but what of the price?

They say size doesn’t matter. Well try telling that the big screen-loving consumer fraternity, who, no matter how small a room might be, are determined to squeeze a mighty and domineering monitor in the corner. Given our burgeoning love-affair for large monitors, such products are likely to be amongst the best-selling festive items this Christmas. And boy are they getting bigger.

Enter the 40-inch Philips 4K monitor, which offers users a 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution.

We have to admit that at a first glance, with a sleek design, squared-corners and slim frame, the Philips 40-inch 4K UHD display certainly looks the part. But what about, excuse the pun, the bigger picture?

PCR Online are quick to point out MMDs, the technology and brand license partner for Philips monitors, newest arrival to the Philips’ TV range, has a screen that offers up to four times the resolution of a full HD monitor, packing four times as many pixels in the same area. PCR also seem impressed by the wide range of ports the 40-inch 40K comes equipped with – a USB 3.0, DisplayPort 1.2, and an HDMI 1.4.

4K News and Reviews eagerly report on everything entering the marketplace with a 4K display. As you can imagine, 4K jumped on the Philips 4K set. Talking about the new Philips screen, 4K said:

“[It] is almost the size of a smaller Ultra HD TV at 40 diagonal inches and this is excellent news for gamers and design prose who are falling in love with 4K graphics.”

Asides boasting an on-screen PPI density which is “truly close to ideal”, 4K is quick to highlight that users have the benefit of 176 degree viewing angles, eight bit colour depth and a SRGB colour gamut.

Room to spread out

The Channel Post is impressed by the capabilities the device’s extra-large display provides. With plenty of room, the Channel Post states, users can spread out and navigate multiple applications and windows simultaneously.

“The 4K UHD gives an extra edge for professional users such as photographers and videographers, fine detail with unrivalled clarity, and the new display’s true 8-bit and FRC colour depth ensures colour fidelity as well as UltraClear images,” says Channel Post.

The IT analysis site also believes the Philips 4K UHD will be great for finance professionals, as the new display will mean users can run data-intensive applications in multiple windows, whilst retaining space, clarity and attention to detail.

A price war has commenced

In its 4.5 star review of the 4K TV, Tech Radar says that because Philips isn’t normally associated with “aggressive value”, selling its first 4K/UHD TV for a price that undercuts all of its 65-inch 4k UHD TV rivals, is a “startling bold move.”

Tech Radar is impressed with the mostly excellent picture quality of the monitor, its “ground-breaking” price, its effective ambilight configuration and its good audio. The site is however less bowled-over by the Philip’s 4K’s meticulous set-up requirements, its over-ambitious processing, its limited viewing angle and limited online content.

So is the 4K TV from Philips about to start a price war in 4K TVs?


Retailing at £549, the Philip’s 40-inch 4K monitor is a whopping £500 cheaper than the Sony KDL – 65X9005A and Samsung UE65F9000 – And having an extra 500 quid in your bin has to be worth something!

Top Gadgets for Will & Kate’s Baby George

After nine months of anticipation and guesswork, he’s finally arrived – a beautiful bouncing baby boy. An amount of attention towards the tiny newborn, whom will one day inherent the British throne, is expected. Wall-to-wall coverage, people camping outside the hospital in anticipation to get a ‘glimpse’ and global hysteria is however a tad over the top. Nonetheless, pondering about all the luxury presents, clothes and toys this privileged baby will be showered with is mildly entertaining, including what baby gadgets his parents and nannies will have at their disposal during these first few months.

Take a look at the top five gadgets for baby George Alexander Louis:

Ultimate Baby Wipes Warmer by Prince Lionheart


Babies and cold baby wipes aren’t always a good idea, particularly with boys who have a tendency to greet a cold wipe with an abrupt stream of wee.

Being first time parents, Kate and Wills probably won’t be aware of baby boys’ aversion to cold wipes, although they may have been told. The Ultimate Wipes Warmer by Prince Lionheart is likely to prove an invaluable gadget for Baby George. Not only will this nifty device warm the wipes but it will keep them moist and fresh – perfect for a little Prince.

Smart Baby Monitor by Withings


Amidst their tiredness, elation and infatuation with their bundle of joy, most new parents endure some kind of almost paranoid desire to monitor their baby’s every move. With its night vision technology, a high-resolution camera, video and microphone and high-tech noise, motion, temperature and humidity tracker, the Smart Baby Monitor should suffice as being fit to supervise the tiny Prince.

Lullabies can even be played alongside a multi-coloured night light. Not to mention featuring Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ethernet cable connection. Quite a baby monitor for a refreshingly modest £217 (approx.).

Go Self-Warming Baby Bottle by iiamo


Long gone are the days when parents had to arduously wait for milk to warm in a pan of boiling water. 21st century parents have access to instant milk warmers and none are as high-tech as the Self-Warming Baby Bottle by iiamo.

This funky looking baby bottle can warm six ounces of milk to the recommended temperature in about four minutes. Without any need for electricity, cords or water, the iiamo Go is perfect for outdoor events and being the Royal family, there’s bound to be a few of them.

Despite being fit for a prince this useful baby gadget has a commoner price tag of just £22.

Remote Fever Monitor by Bebe Sounds


Disturbing your baby when he or she is sick to take their temperature is an anguish no parent wants to have to tolerate. This is when Bebe Sounds Remote Fever Monitor could prove priceless. Simply clip the monitor onto baby’s nappy or baby gro and the thermometer will beep if the temperature reads too high.

Smart Kids Scales by Withings


Bundling Baby George into a pram and pushing him to the hospital with paps jumping out from every bush won’t be on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s agenda. Instead of making frequent visits to the hospital to get baby weighed, Kate and Wills could do it from the safety of the palace with the Smart Kid Scale.

This state-of-the-art scale uploads the readings through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It takes accurate readings and will even ignore non-baby weight such as blankets and nappies.

For £145.95 the Smart Kid Scale is definitely a smarter way to weigh your baby, particularly if avoiding the paparazzi is an issue.

AOC myPlay: Supersize your mobile’s display


Ever get fed up of the miniscule size of your Smartphone’s display? Have you dreamt of a larger screen on your tablet? With AOC’s new 27” myPlay i2757Fm display monitor, you can plug your Android-compatible gadget in to see your screen in large HD quality.

The myPlay i2757Fm is a clever device, and has been much needed, especially if you want to sit back and enjoy watching a movie on a larger scale than being restricted to a screen the size of your hand. Using a special MHL (Mobile High-definition Link) connector, the advanced LED monitor transfers full HD 1080p content from the small screen to the big at the touch of a button. The integrated speakers ensure you can hear as good as you can see. Your Smartphone / tablet’s batteries are also charged at the same time, so you can be sure that you will never suffer any interruptions due to your device running out of power. You can even control the device using your existing DTV remote.

Suitable for use with any Android-powered tablet or Smartphone, the myPlay i2757Fm boasts a full HD premium IPS (In-Plane Switching) screen that measures 27”, meaning it will breathe life into any film, website, document, video, photograph or even game that you choose to display on it. Just think, no more strained eyes or neck as you try to fathom out what is showing on the small screen – especially if you are playing a puzzle game or reading subtitles on a movie – all you need to do is supersize your display by plugging it into the myPlay i2757Fm.

Forget SpecSavers, the myPlay i2757Fm display monitor could very well be the ultimate sight for sore eyes. Visit for more information.

Are you sitting comfortably? Gadgets to stop you slouching!

When you are sat over your desk working away for hours at a time are you ever aware of your posture? Well now I’ve drawn your attention to your desk-time posture, you are likely to be conscious that you are slouching and are now guiltily sitting up straight, right?

According to a registered osteopath talking to Serious Law LLP, people who slouch at their desk could be putting themselves at risk of a spinal injury. With as many as 8 in 10 people in the UK having bouts of back pain, putting strain on their physical and mental wellbeing, not to mention the NHS’s budget, I was surprised when writing a feature on gadgets to stop slouching, that I could only find a measly three – two gadgets and one app – in existence. Nonetheless they do exist and to help lessen your chances of joining the millions of back pain sufferers in the UK, if you do slouch at your desk then it may be a wise precaution to take advantage of the following three anti-slouching gadgets.


The Phillips ErgoSensor Desktop Display

The Phillips ErgoSensor is a desktop display with a difference. Literally watching you whilst you work, the 24-inch, 250-nit, 1920 x 1080 display possesses a sensor which warns you if your posture has become too ‘slouched’ or you have been staring at the screen for too long. Not only does the Phillips ErgoSensor have the potential to save you from a retirement laden with back pain misery, but it can also help reduce the cost of your energy bills by shutting the screen off when you’re away from your desk to conserve power!



On the same trail as the ErgoSensor, for about £50 the iPosture will force you to ‘think’ about your posture. This tiny gadget, when stuck to a user’s skin or pinned to their clothing, monitors your posture and vibrates whenever it doesn’t meet its posture ‘standards’.

Don’t worry, you want be walking around resembling an adult toy, as the iPosture’s vibrations are silent – now there’s a relief!

Upright Posture Alert app

If you’re not willing to fork out 50 quid on the iPosture for a mere $2.99 you can download the Upright Posture Alert app, the very first posture alert system for the iPhone and iPod touch.

In featuring a simple and intuitive interface, Upright lets you focus on achieving a good posture, alerting you when your posture is off track.

Users have the choice of being alerted to slouching through vibration, sound or visual alerts – Although it could cause some confusion on whether your iPhone is on vibrate only and you have an incoming call or your posture isn’t up to scratch!

ViewSonic’s V3D245 3D monitor literally leaps out on to the market.

Its all well and good being the proud owner of the latest 3D ready technology, but none of it will be much good without shelling out for the extra hardware you need to view it all.


All that is a thing of the past as far as ViewSonic is concerned, as its new V3D245 24 inch 3D monitor comes ready to impress with a pair of NVIDIA 3D vision glasses thrown in. Smart thinking ViewSonic.

This is a full HD LED monitor displaying 1920×1080 and using its 120 hz refresh rate and the built in NVIDIA wireless emitter, it will potentially throw you into the deep and of a stutter free 3D world if you have enough guts in your PC or player to drive it at full HD. Talking of players, you can hook up a Blu- Ray or Playstation3 using the integrated HDMI 1.4 connector, although if you’re looking for an all in one vision and audio solution, I wouldn’t get too excited about the onboard 2x2W speaker set.

The LED 2ms video output with 20,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and 300 nits high brightness provides what ViewSonic suggests to be “unsurpassed image quality.”

James Coulson, ViewSonic’s. European marketing manager comments “This is the ultimate monitor for any gamer or just anyone playing around with 3D technology. It’s a neat solution with the built in NVidia transmitter, that uses LED technology to bring better contrast ratios and significant power savings, but can then revert back to a high performance 2D monitor when required. Working with NVidia is paramount to making 3D emersion a reality and this product is proof of that.”

The ViewSonic V3D245 will be available in the UK for £350

Sony at E3: Alive & kicking with PS Vita and Playstation 3D TV

Sony had their E3 press conference recently and it showed that the Playstation brand is in rude health as Sony unveiled 2 new pieces of hardware and plenty of new games.

Before any of the announcements Sony US boss Jack Tretton took to the stage and talked about the Playstation Network hack and offered his and the companies sincere apologies.


Addressing consumers, he said: “You are the lifeblood of the company. Without you there is no PlayStation. I want to apologise personally and for the company for any anxiety caused. It’s you that causes us to be humbled and amazed by the support you continue to give”.

To Sony’s third-party publishing partners, Tretton said: “I know the outage has been costly. We wouldn’t be where we are without you”.

He added: “We are committed more than ever to making sure the PlayStation experience is entertaining and secure for everybody”.

PSN was taken offline on 20th April following a security breach that left personal information tied to some 77 million user accounts compromised and the details of around 12.3 million credit card possibly stolen.

The phased restoration of the service began on 14th May, culminating in Welcome Back content being made available to users on 3rd June.

Tretton then went on to show what Sony has planned for the gaming over then next 12 months. The big news came in the form of the NGP which has now been named PS Vita, (Vita meaning life apparently) and more importantly, the release date and price was announced.

Sony has said that Vita would be release this holiday season in America with the UK release date soon after.

Vita will come in two flavours and two prices. Vita will retail for $249 (£150) for the Wi-Fi only model but will likely to cost closer to £200 when it lands on UK shores. But if you’re in America when it’s out you could save yourself a decent chunk of money.

The 3G model is be price at $299 (£182) but is likely to see mobile phone subsidies when the networks offer you a decent data package.

Sony announced that Vita would be exclusive with mobile operator AT&T which means we are likely to see the same deal for a UK network – don’t be surprised if Vodafone or O2 snap up the exclusive rights for the new 3G version of the portable.


Sony’s next big announcement came in the form of 3D. Tretton talked up the 3D capabilities of Sony and announced at that they are going to release a Playstation 24-inch 3D TV.

The monitor won’t be available just yet but should be available by Christmas 2011. The set has been designed for those of you who want a device in the bedroom or snug space. Sony’s idea is to bring a decent affordable 3D screen to the masses.

Sony’s new TV does have one particularly impressive party piece. It will allow users to play games with split screen action but each user will see a full screen instead of half. Were not sure whether it will only work with the glasses, but the the idea and tech is very clever indeed.

Included in the price of $499 you get a pair of 3D active shutter glasses, a 6FT HDMI cable and a copy of Resistance 3. Sony stated that the glasses can be bought separately for $69.99 and will be compatible with other screens.

Included in the price which we will get to in just one moment, will be a pair of 3D active shutter glasses, 6ft HDMI cable and a copy of the game already mentioned Resistance 3, for a price of $499. Sony have also pointed out that the new glasses can be purchased for $69.99 and will work on their different TV’s.

There was of course and a full compliment of new software for the Sony family and lots of new Move content for the next 12 months.