Access and Emblaze Mobile release ‘Else Intuition’

With the iPhone currently seeming near uncatchable in terms of branding, even companies with established names within mobile technology must resort to good old-fashioned ingenuity to widen their slice of the smartphone market pie. Rather than following the popular trend of churning out a phone that looks a bit like an iPhone but has a bigger screen, that so many manufacturers are peddling, Access and Emblaze Mobile have teamed up to produce the quite progressive Else Intuition.

emblaze-access-else-intuitionBuilt with Access Linux Platform v.3.0, the Else Intuition offers a completely new and innovative user experience. Its major selling point is that it isn’t simply a phone with a set of novelty functions. Its camera, MP3 player and GPS device are of such standard, they claim, that they would challenge the quality of a stand alone device made to perform that sole function. It is, therefore, marketed as a product that is all these devices in one shiny futuristic box. There’s something comfortably Zen about their claim that when you select your required function, say the camera, the Else Intuition actually becomes a camera; it is no longer a phone, but a camera waiting to transform into a phone once more. We all know the frustration of lining up the perfect shot only for your phone to ring. So when you’re using the Else Intuition as a camera or a GPS, the phone won’t automatically interrupt what you’re doing but can be set to leave a message to the caller that you are temporarily engage in more fulfilling artistic pursuits. Of course its primary function is a mobile phone, and so the Else Intuition can be set to interrupt if so desired.

It appears research has shown the designers that busy people rarely have both hands free – a necessity for most smartphone users lacking adequate thumb reach. As a result the main menu can be set on the right and scrolled through in a fan shape. To the relief of left-handed users, the menu can also be set to the centre of the screen.

With a 5 megapixel camera, the Else Intuition could certainly give lower priced cameras a run for their money. However, with a 16 GB flash memory, throwing away your MP3 player may be a little unwise quite yet.