Video: Parrot unveil the MiniDrone at CES 2014


Hovering gracefully in the air and undeterred by the throngs of journalists, the new MiniDrone from the folks at Parrot certainly stood out at the various evening shows at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The MiniDrone works on the principle that it can “fly and roll from floor to ceiling” which is achieved thanks to the ability to attach two ultra-light wheels.

To control the drone, you simply connect to it using low energy Bluetooth Smart and then use the company’s app. The MiniDrone contains multiple sensors as well as “autopilot capabilities’ which make it incredibly easy to fly as well as very stable.

Check out our short video below of the MiniDrone in action, including a close scrape with a fellow tech reporter!

The MiniDrone’s specs are also still be finalising but at the time of writing we’re told that the device weighs 80 grams and the battery should last for around 7 minutes. According to this article on Mashable the drone contains a “500 MHz processor and a gigabyte of RAM”. Details of pricing and availability are difficult to come by at the moment, with the company themselves simply stating “TBA”.