All hands on decks with the Lecci Mini Mixer

In these bleak, recession-weary times, the DIY approach to home entertainment has become a very lucrative business. Becoming a bedroom DJ is the latest trend to capture the imaginations of music-lovers. But forget forking out for bulky, over-priced, window-shattering equipment – budget beats are all the rage.

Gaming giant Activision has recently branched out by adding the long-awaited DJ Hero to its massively popular music simulation repertoire, and there are any number of iPhone apps currently promising to help fans on their way to turntable triumph.

lecci-mini-mp3-mixerOne of latest non-gaming DJ gadgets to hit the market is the Lecci Mini Mixer, which connects to two MP3 players, enabling users to mix and mash tracks to their heart’s content. The nifty, simple-to-use cross-fade function provides most of the fun and adds an air of authenticity to spliced creations.

There have been similar products to Lecci’s offering on the market for some time, but this device’s sleek, scaled-down design sets it apart in the style stakes, while the idiot-proof functions provide instant gratification. But what about that all-important sound?

Well, although an internal speaker is built-in, the compact size means a fully immersive sound which emulates the booming vibrations of a top nightclub is sadly out of the question. A cunning alternative is to use the audio-out channels to connect your own speakers (or headphones, if don’t dare to share your musical masterpieces with an audience) for a more banging set of beats.

The main thing to bear in mind though is that the Mini Mixer has clearly been designed more for the novice than the tech wizard, and therefore its simplicity remains the strongest selling point. If you’re looking for highly sophisticated, multi-functional device to spin your digital tunes on, this gadget probably isn’t for you.

On the other hand, the Lecci Mini Mixer makes a good-value (RRP is around £19.99), inexpensive stocking filler and provides an easy, non-fiddly way to kick-start the fun over the festive period without breaking the bank. Let the party commence.