Vidioh: The magic of video hits direct marketing

It’s really hard to grab people’s attention these days. You’re probably a little distracted reading this. I know I am. If I asked what the advert on the side of this page was, would you know without looking? I wouldn’t, even though it pays for my sandwiches. Marketing bods are always on the lookout for fresh and interesting ways to grab people’s attention – but as we’ve seen people are harder and harder to reach. Well Vidioh have brought an eye-catching new tool to the UK direct mail market.


How? Well they’ve combined the power of high resolution video with the targeted personalisation of direct mail. The Vidioh screens are the latest ultra-thin LCD screen technology, which can be built into just about any traditional marketing media, including brochures, direct mail pieces, point of sale and invitations.

Prototypes of the Vidioh have been floating around since November 2011 but they’ve now launched a variety of cards each with an embedded video screen. I remember when a video screen was a modern marvel (I grew up without a TV). Now they are literally sending them out in the mail. This is the first time that a fully customisable video capability has been embedded in a card to be used as a marketing tool for businesses. And one day regular Joes.

Nothing looks worse than poorly shot video footage, something Tim & Eric have made a career of. To prevent video cards from going viral for the wrong reasons, Vidioh also has its own in-house video production studios to create content on behalf of companies and the capability to design and brand the video brochures. Or if they are confident, companies can provide existing artwork and video content to be incorporated into their bespoke direct mail.

“Vidioh exploits the power of the moving image with the precision of direct mail,” said Russell Lawley Gibbs, director at Vidioh, “so you can deliver highly impactful marketing campaigns that get your message in front of key customers in a way that is powerful and easy to assimilate. The LCD screens are primed to auto start when opened in order to instantly deliver your message”.

Vidioh cards have a capacity of between 512MB and 4GB, storing 45 mins – 8 hours of video, so you could really go to town with what you send people. Or send them a full length version of The Town. The screen is a 480p x 272p, 4.3″ touch screen, with twin stereo speakers and you can get 2 hours run time off each card. They can even be recharged.

Prices start at £35 for a single card, but volume discounts are available on request. That should hopefully come down to the point where they can be useful for the regular consumer. Imagine being able to send out mass wedding invitations. Or Valentines Cards if you are some sort of polyamourous Lothario.

Vidioh is available direct from Enigma Marketing Services.