ALCATEL launch “super-colourful affordable LTE” POP S3 smartphone


In the words of Alcatel – “Make it faster keep it POP”. The POP S3 is the latest 4G phone from Alcatel trying to compete with the iPhone 5c and its colourful design. Weighing only 130g it is pretty light, users can also personalise their smartphone with the colourful battery covers. They are described as tough  and thick enough to not feel too cheap – you get three of them to start with.

Running on Android 4.3 the POP S3 has features such as One Finger Zoom which provides easy navigation while browsing. You can also share any content from your smartphone through Miracast Wi-Fi Display and it has an expandable memory good for those who like to take pictures and store everything on the phone.

The full screen camera with its video stabilisation allows you to record Full HD to a good level of sharpness. The screen has been a bit of a talking point for its poor quality, the of an IPS screen would have been preferable, but on the flip side the POP S3 may be one of the cheapest 4G phones out there.

The phone's FlipCover
The phone’s FlipCover

Describing the feel of the POP S3, Andrew Williams from Trusted Reviews said it was:

A bit like a low-rent take on the iPhone 5C. The plastic feels a bit cheaper and front-on the S3 looks like a conventional low-cost Android, but it still looks a fair bit better than many of the affordable Huawei budget phones we’ve reviewed over the past year

Another positive from the same reviewer was that the “POP S3 features a front notification LED light and an ambient light sensor despite the price.”

Meanwhile over at CNET they commented that the POP S3’s 800×480 pixel (WVGA) display was “fine, but you will find fonts and icons not as sharp. In relation to the camera, the reviewer fairly pointed out that while the phone packs a 5-megapixel camera:

“Don’t expect to take great pictures with it. It should be adequate for shooting in bright light, but I doubt it’d be your go-to camera for important shots.”

The POP S3 is available from EE stores nationwide.  For more information regarding ALCATEL ONETOUCH please visit

Samsung reveal “Long Term Evolution” (LTE) Netbook

Earlier this month at the Mobile World Congress 2010, Samsung wowed the tech world by unveiling its Long Term Evolution (LTE) netbook PC. What places the N150 netbook at the forefront of technology is that it features a new Kalmia chip which has been designed in-house and has been described as the future of mobile technology.

Samsung demonstrated the technology to its full potential by live streaming on their own LTE network (on the N150 netbook) which is definitely causing much excitement in the industry as it provides what is widely becoming labeled as 4G connectivity for mobile devices.

From an everyday user perspective, the benefits of the new LTE technology include the delivery of high speed, low latency and consistent connectivity which is incredibly beneficial to those who need to access large amounts of data at any given time or location.

As far as the netbook itself goes, it provides the complete package with features including an anti-reflective LED display allowing users to experience fine-tuned and sharp images, and optimised processing performance in conjunction with Samsung’s enhanced battery life solution which in simple terms, means that the battery is maximised and lasts for approximately 8.5 hours.

Additional features include an integrated Digital LiveCam for video-conferencing and live messaging, a webcam, internal microphone and a headphone-out connection. Definitely a great package if you are looking for a netbook that offers maximum all-round usability. In typical Samsung style, the N150 netbook is slick, stylish, streamlined and with its 10.1 inch screen and weighing in at 1.24kg is compact and lightweight.

The need for data services is ever on the increase and people require access to information at any given time and place. Samsung’s demonstration of the Long Term Evolution (LTE) netbook certainly provides a full network and netbook solution and the LTE technology will also be incorporated into mobile devices in the near future.

The Samsung netbook N150 is currently available to buy with HSPA 3G communications and WiFi access and will become available with LTE ‘according to service schedule and market demand’.

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