Great Gadgets & Gifts for Him

Men are hard to buy for right? Not if they love their gadgets. Here’s a few ideas for you…


Logitech Gaming Keyboard G105
Have you been a Call of Duty widow this year? Well, you might not want to encourage him – but if you are feeling indulgent, how about the Logitech Gaming Keyboard G105 – the official gaming keyboard for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, which has six programmable G keys and night-vision green LED blacklighting. The Logitech Laser Mouse G9X – the official gaming mouse for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 – has hand speeds up to 165 inches a second, and a weight-tuning system.

Price: Keyboard £69.99; Mouse £59.99



G-form protection sleeve

If someone else is splashing out the big bucks on a new laptop or iPad for him, do your bit by picking up this cool protective sleeve. Made with PORON® XRD™ material and proprietary G-Form technology, these sleeves harden instantly upon impact, absorbing 90% of the energy, to dramatically reduce the risk of cracks or smashes, even in the most extreme conditions.

Price: from £49.99


Dremel Christmas packs

Is your other half or brother a modder? Do they love building their own custom-built computers? If they have plans to create a PC masterpiece, give them the modder’s favourite tool – a Dremel – for Christmas. The great value Dremel 300 Black Edition offers everything you need to get started in DIY – the iconic Dremel 300 Series multi-tool plus five outstanding attachments:  a line & circle cutter, a flexshaft, a detailer’s grip, a multipurpose cutting kit and a shaping platform.  This special Christmas gift set also contains 45 handy accessories and comes packed in a luxury black toolbox.  Perfect for all manner of DIY and other projects, such as grinding, carving, routing, sanding and cutting.

Price: £89.99

From: B&Q and


LiveSound Headphones

The LiveSound™ hi-fi headset is a portable headset that benefits from its Sony heritage, has solid metal housing and flat tangle free cables. The LiveKey™ control and full remote lets him control any LiveKe adopted app on the Android Market without the need to use his handset.

Price: £39.99


Desktop Handset for iPhone 4

If your dad has a nostalgic leaning, let him hang onto the past by attaching his iPhone to the Desktop Handset for iPhone 4. Allow dad to dip his feet into the modern mobile world while maintaining that reassuringly familiar office phone feeling.

Price £19.99

From: www.

iPad 2 Horn Stand

Has the man in your life got an iPad 2? Well, apart from asking for your own for Christmas, think about getting him this nifty add-on, that works just like a gramophone to amplify the speaker sound of his tablet by 15 decibels, without any need for wires or batteries.

Price: £19.99



Let the inner kid out and get him shooting aliens this Boxing Day with the AppBlaster, which turns an iPhone 3, 4 or iPod Touch into a fully fledged alien destroyer. It comes with a free augmented reality app that transforms the user’s surroundings into an alien warzone, turning the house or bus or office into a den of alien mischief.  The appBlaster is the perfect gift for a gaming-loving teenager, offering hours of fun and leaving the TV blissfully free for you to watch your favourite Christmas classics.

Price: £19.99


Zumreed X2 Hybrid Headphones

These hybrid headphones act as either headphones, or if you need to share your music with the world, speakers, simply flick the switch from headphones to speaker and the drivers on the outside kick in. You can rotate the ear cups so the headphones stand upright on any flat surface, which is perfect when in speaker mode. The speakers are powered by a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery via USB, and when fully charged will give you 4hrs play time.

Price: £119.99


Smart Control Ferrari Enzo

The perfect gift for any big kid. Simply download the app and watch as your bloke transforms back into his car-obsessed 12-year-old self.

Price: £29.99


Smart Control Sky Helicopter

If he’s more of a high-flyer, try this remote control helicopter, which uses the same Apple and Android compatible technology.

Price: £39.99


Bottle Opener Case for iPhone 4

Finally, there’s nothing worse for a chap than being in possession of his favourite tipple, then finding that the world’s population of bottle openers have deserted him. The opener on this case can be used with a free app featuring various sound effects or music of his choice to accompany the opening motion as well as a beer counting meter.

Price: £24.99