Give yourself the Sack …boy

Not since Sonic and Mario first appeared on the gaming radar has there been a more popular digital creature than Sackboy.

Sackboy is poster boy for the PS3 and star of Media Molecule’s game Little Big Planet, the very cute world-building game that allows the player to create their own dream planet, solve puzzles – and in the latest outing for Sackboy and his friends, save the entire universe.


With the just-released Little Big Planet 2 now busying fans with saving the Cosmos, if you, or someone you love would like their very own little Sackboy, there’s good news. True, you could knit one for them (Find out how at but if you don’t fancy doing battle with the knitting needles, just get busy with your mouse and head on over to, where they have a few little Sackboy treats for you (sadly too late for Valentine’s Day).

If you need a bit of comfort when you’ve just lost the latest game or got stuck on a level, invest in the Sackboy Plush and have a little cuddle when it all gets too much for you. He comes in two sizes – 12 in tall for £7.99 and 30cm tall at £14.99. (You might be pushing it for Valentine’s Day on this one as it won’t ship until February 10/11, but you can pre-order now).

If you’re not the cuddly toy type, how about a Sackboy action figure? Available in either 3in or 6in sizes (£4.99 and £7.99 respectively), he can be posed to recreate action from the game, or sit on top of your computer or games console – if you want to appear cool (or possible totally sad) to all the kids on the bus in the morning, stick him in your pocket!

And another one in the same vein – this is Sackboy Computer Gear – this poseable figure comes in the same two sizes (albeit at a slightly more expensive £4.99 and £12.99) and is dressed as a computer (we’re not sure why, but it’s pretty cute all the same). The taller version is a limited edition for anyone who is into collectibles.