Liquid Image Ego action camera: For “Dude! Did you see that?” moments

I’ve dabbled in various “extreme” sports over the years, with varying degrees of failure, be in parkour, tricking, BMX or trials biking. One thing that has been consistent has been excited faces breathlessly uttering “Did you see that?” after a particularly stunning jump, trick or movement. There’s something in extreme sports that appeals to the extrovert and it’s great to be able to capture your latest feat and show it to friends, family or anyone who’s attention you can grab.


Catering to this desire, Liquid Image have launched the new Ego camera, a small (4.1 x 3 x 6.4cm) mountable HD video camera. Wearable tech is “the next big thing” and Liquid Image already make a pretty cool assortment of google-mounted cameras for POV recording underwater (or on the slopes).

The Ego comes with a range of accessories and can be strapped to chests, heads, helmets, bikes, boards and … well you get the idea. The Ego includes a multi-directional mounting system with a quick release lever, tripod mount.There’s even underwater housing, waterproof down to 100m.

As for the actual camera it records in Full HD 1080p video at 30 fps; HD 720p video at 60 fps (good for fast action or post-production slow motion); 12-megapixel still photo; and a continuous Photo mode. The lens itself is a 136 degrees wide angle, but you can set it to slightly narrower angle if that’s your bag.

However the Ego isn’t just a camera, or even just an action camera. It’s a smart action camera. Holding one of the little buttons on top for a few seconds creates a wireless network that you can connect your smartphone to. Via the magic of apps you can preview footage on your smartphone or tablet – useful for composing shots as there’s no built-in display on the unit itself. Even better you can remotely control the unit from your smartphone, which is great if you’ve mounted it somewhere visually fascinating but hard to reach.

The Ego is available in five colours, Black, Red, Blue, White and Yellow and has an RRP of £159.99. It will be available in the UK from August 2012.