Lenco UK Launch 3D Sonic Soundbar

Hang on a minute, I’m not a purist by any stretch of the imagination, but if you already have virtual surround sound, will 3D sound make a significant difference to the audio soundtrack of your life? Well, apparently it will make quite a significant bit of difference according to Lenco UK, who has partnered up with Sonic Emotion to create the SB-100; a high performance 3D Soundbar that takes home audio to ‘a different dimension.’


This is a discreet home audio unit that has six integrated 10W speakers and a 20W subwoofer to enable the sound to emanate from all around you, without the need for any visible speaker system. Delivering a total power output of 80W (SMS) the SB-100 is compatible with MP3 and DVD players, televisions, computers or game consoles and has two line inputs for using with multiple sources.

Andy Macaluso – Director of Sales and Marketing for Sonic Emotion declared that “We’re excited that Lenco has chosen sonic emotion 3D sound technology as a certain way of providing their customers with a simple-to-use yet unbeatable sounding device”.

The unit was nominated at the Digital Movie awards in 2010, and its competitive low price makes it a viable alternative to some of the more high end home entertainment systems available on the market.

As we’re currently experiencing such a 3D rush right now, it remains to be seen whether or not the popularity will continue. In the mean time the SB-100’s low price tag will certainly provide a cheap way of enjoying Avatar’s 3D charms, even if it is only short lived.

Available from www.lencouk.com