Canon’s LEGRIA Mini – Crying Out to Be Played With


Remember when camcorders first hit the mainstream consumer market in the 80s? They were huge, in both senses of the word. These bulky and heavy shoulder-born items suddenly unleashed a whole new load of fun as VHS’s became an almost household commodity with families being able to replay their own experiences and memories on the silver screen. The new found zest for homemade videos in the 80s led to the creation of shows such as the long-running America’s Funniest Home Videos and, in 1990, our own version, You’ve Been Framed.

Imagine and awe and bewilderment if someone had dug the new LEGRIA Mini from their pocket and said that in about 30 years from now this is what home camcorders will look like?

Yes you’ve guessed it Canon’s LEGRIA Mini is small. Although it’s not just the camcorder’s minute size that would cause the home video-infatuated consumerists of the 80s’ eyes to bulge in wonderment, but also its innovative design. Breaking away from the conventional design of the camcorder, the LEGRIA Mini’s built-in stand creates hands-free and flexible recording, enabling users to get in front of the camera themselves and participate in their videos – Perfect for those directors wanting to have a cameo role in their own video!

It has to be said that one of the most common home video mishaps is amateur video makers’ almost collective tendency to unwittingly crop off half of the action when filming. The LEGRIA Mini’s ultra-wide angle f/2.8 lens, which can capture stills at a 170 degree angle and video in full HD at 160, will hopefully eradicate the inelegance and embarrassment of showing a video when half of the action is out of shot. ‘Conventional’ recording is also achievable by tapping the screen to reduce the field of view to a 71 degree angle.

Different shooting options are available to the discerning LEGRIA cameraman by either flipping the LCD touchscreen out to the subject side or to the rear side. With a rotation switch system embedded into the camera, you need not worry that you’ll be displaying images upside down as the camera automatically puts the image the right way up.

Canon has always been at the forefront of image quality and combining a Canon-engineered high-sensitivity back-illuminated ½.3 inch CMOS sensor with an advanced DIGIC DV 4 processing platform for reduced noise, the LEGRIA Mini certainly promises to maintain Canon’s reputation for quality.

With the extraordinary rise of social media, sharing videos is a popular pastime, to say the least. With built-in Wi-Fi LEGRIA Mini users can share their creations until their heart’s content. Though not just on the social channels might we add, as the camera’s Remote Browser feature enables vids and images to be shared on other devices, such as tablets and monitors.

To conclude, the LEGRIA Mini certainly looks like a miniscule device just crying out to be picked up and played with and being made by Canon, we don’t doubt that its functionalities will be as impressive as its exterior. We’ll have to wait until mid-September though to be able to get our hands on one. Perhaps by then we’ll have some indication of the price.