Packard Bell Maestro 230 LED HD –Top-notch digital viewing from a different angle

Traditionally, asymmetrical entities are not synonymous with beauty, with symmetrically-formed objects being considered more ‘pleasing to the eye’. Although modern technology is so intensely competitive; it is grappling with ways to stand out from its competitors. Packard Bell’s latest venture achieves this desire to be salient and striking in two ways – one, with its asymmetric and striking design, and two, with its emphasis on being environmentally-friendly.


The 230 LED HD boasts an ultra-thin design, stood upon an asymmetrical stand. This unique combination of being exceptionally slender and uneven in symmetry inventively creates an ultra-stylish piece of technology, which asides from the eye-catching effects its cutting-edge design invokes, means this graceful monitor can be easily adjusted and digital viewing can be watched and enjoyed from any angle.

This premium viewing experience is furthered with a 1920×1080 resolution, a 12,000,000:1 contrast ratio and a rapid 5 ms response time – the perfect resolution for an exceptionally high-quality picture.

Connect the Packard Bell Maestro 230 LED HD effortlessly to home entertainment devices via a DVI or VGA port with HDCP protection and an all-digital HDMI interface, which delivers only the finest quality of high-definition viewing and uncompressed video when connected to a DVD player or gaming console.

Asides it’s uniquely stylish design and top-quality HD viewing, another arena where the Maestro 230 LED HD stands out, is its accent on being environmentally-friendly. With today’s ‘alleged’ commitment to finding ‘greener’ alternatives to impede the damage inflicted on the planet, future technology must adapt to more ecologically aware alternatives. Not only is this sophisticated HD LED monitor Energy Star 5.0 compliant and, thanks to white LED technology, provides up to 68% power savings, but it contains no hazardous substances such a halogen gases and mercury. Packard Bell’s commitment to producing an eco-friendly product is expanded by the fact the monitors come packed in highly recyclable materials, correctly labelled with composition codes and recycling symbols.

This ‘wiser’ choice of monitor, which will quickly turn into an indispensable, great looking feature in a modern living room, will be available to purchase in May in UK outlets.