Booq Boa Squeeze Backpack: Can I Fit It?


Much like a rapper who gets to shout a closing line triumphantly, drop the mic and then swagger off the I really just want to type “I love this bag”, drop a microphone and saunter off into the distance. Unfortunately I’m expected to provide a little bit more content then that but the Booq Boa Squeeze is an amazing backpack. It’s light, and lacking in bulk yet has the capacity to carry the incredibly amounts of tat I haul around London daily.

Like most Booq bags, the Boa Squeeze has a strong denier nylon exterior with water-repellent coating and contrasting water-repelling interior with rip-stop lining. After a seemingly never-ending rainy streak in London I found this ridiculously comforting.

The ergonomically designed shoulder straps are great at distributing heavy weight. I’ve been using my Boa Squeeze to cycle across town with my absurdly heavy D-Locks and the rest of my biking supplies without noticing the strain. The air mesh back padding is also comfortably and allows heat to escape, although it won’t work miracles.


Booq have been generous with pockets and the Boa Squeeze has tonnes of the things. Two outer easy-access pockets are made from non-scratch neoprene and have little storage flaps so you can also keep things organised. There’s a zipped pocket up top designed to slip a smartphone into and a shallow pocket at the front of the bag, primarily designed to show off just how many pockets the Boa Squeeze has.

Once you delve inside the fun continues. The densely padded interior laptop compartment has been lined with soft Nylex to keep your gear safe and scratch-free. e interior’s main compartment zips open to allow access to four lining slip pockets, one zipper pocket, one stretch mesh pocket, and a Velcro flapped laptop compartment. The Boa Squeeze is specifically tailored to better fit Apple-specific products but obviously it can carry anything

The Boa squeeze comes in a smooth graphite colour with a soft herringbone fabric interior and is available for £113.95 from Booq.

Booq Boa Courier 13″ Review


I’ve had high praise for pretty much every booq bag I’ve had the pleasure of playing with. The privately held family company somehow manage to get it right and make some of the best laptop and camera bags on the market. So I was delighted that I got a chance to play around with the booq courier, their new premium messenger bag.

Available in tablet, 13″ and 15″ sizes, the courier is as you’d expect a cycling-style messenger bag, that can be quickly slung over either shoulder and quickly swung to the front for more detailed access. There’s a tiny extra strap you can clip in that goes under you armpit that keeps things in place – overkill when you’re strolling down the road but perfect for cycling through town.

The exterior is pretty understated – no garish logos or bright colours and the graphite colour is complemented by water-repellent ballistic nylon that was able to withstand everything London’s weather threw at it. There’s also a reflective night-time binding – impossible to notice unless you know it’s there but sure handy when you’re cycling in the dark.


On the inside there’s a densely padded section for your laptop and a handful of pockets for miscellaneous – I put a battery pack and some coffee bags. There’s a zipped pocket at the front that’s more of a catch-all and then an open pocket at the back if you want instant access to documents, keys or your phone. All Boa courier messenger bags are tagged with a Terralinq serial number. Once registered the booq Terralinq service may help reunite you with your lost & found bag.


“Too many bag companies compromise function for style. The Boa courier accommodates the various working environments and ever-changing requirements of the creative professional. We gave it a simple, yet elegant design that fits any meeting scenario from the board room to the coffee shop. By far one of the most comfortable bags we’ve created to date and with the reflective lining, it’s perfect to carry all day and night.”

booq’s Lead Designer, S. Kema Subsomboon.

Boa courier is available for £83.29 (10” iPad or tablet), £99.97 (13” Mac or PC), and £108.30 (15” Mac or PC). Now shipping, booq’s Boa courier is available at booq.