Logitech N700 Lapdesk review

Ok so since I bought my iPad, my laptop has seen a little less couch love than it used to. Designed to casually browse websites, my iPad is pretty awesome when curled up on the sofa. However there are times when Apple’s magic tablet is sub-optimal. When I want to view something Flash-based, do some extended typing or multi-task (that 4.2 update can’t get here fast enough). Fortunately I have an old laptop lying around for these tasks. Unfortunately making the transition from the iPad back to the laptop is a little awkward.

However, for those of you sensible enough to not buy Apple’s overprice wonder-gadget, troubled by awkward design, (laptops aren’t actually that great for extend periods on your lap), or fed up with tinny sound from built-in speakers, Logitech has a lovely treat for you with the Lapdesk.


When I first saw the Lapdesk at a Logitech product preview event, I instantly thought of my mother, who is constantly complaining about the heat from her laptop and how uncomfortable it is on her lap over long periods of time. She also complains about my career choices and lack of visits but Logitech has nothing that really addresses that.

The N700 has a lovely padded base that tilts your laptop at a slightly better angle. There are also some attachments that enables you to increase the angle of elevation. The pads means the device sits comfortably on your lap. It looks a little ridiculous – doubling the bulk of your laptop, but it you are going to be sitting for a long period of time then it is amazingly comfortable. There is a heat-shielding design to stop hot laptops from creating discomfort.

There is also a USB port that connects to your laptop for enhanced functionality. The N700 packs a tiny fan that helps to keep your laptop cool. Power users rocking SSD drives may snigger, but for older laptops this cooling feature is pretty cool. It’s also pretty silent – it’s hard to hear when it’s on and there is a little switch you can flick on or off depending on need.

Logitech would have you believe that most laptop owners are unsatisfied with the quality of audio from their laptops. And, unless you own HP Beats by Dre, then there is a pretty good chance they have a point. You can go wireless with their Z515s or you could cut down on clutter and utilise the N700s speaker system. It also has onboard controls for volume and installation is pretty instant.

Look long and hard at that picture above. Ignore the man who has kept his flip-flops on for no reason. If you can see yourself or a loved one using it, then splash out on the N700, which is £69.99 in stores now.

Logitech Lapdesk brings cinema to your lap

The chances are the reason you bought your laptop in the first place was for it’s portability, it’s what they were invented for after all. Laptops originally started life as a tool for busy executives, those with a pressing need for a mobile office as they shuttle from meeting to meeting talking facts and figures and all that other boring stuff.

Over the years however, the laptop has been adopted in the home too as music, casual Internet surfing and even movie-watching has shifted to these mobile machines; and even if you’re not an important businessman who’s constantly on the move, your computer still needs to travel with you, even if it’s only to cover the relatively short distance from your sofa to your bed. But the problem with the compact technology that allows you to explore your digital world from the snugness of your own duvet, is that it can also affect your enjoyment of it, with tinny speakers and overheating processors that can leave you with mediocre sound and comfort at best.

This is where Logitech’s new Lapdesk N700 comes in. The Lapdesk helps to transform your laptop into something more akin to a cinema, and all from the comfort of your own lap. It’s the company’s first all-in-one laptop accessory containing integrated stereo speakers, a built-in fan and also a wide padded base to ensure maximum comfort.
Unlike most laptop speakers, the Lapdesk offers two built-in high-definition speakers with 2-inch high-performance speakers. Specially designed for notebook computers, the stereo speakers are precisely positioned on either side of your laptop to give you rich sound and powerful bass. And, because they connect through a single USB cable, there’s no cable clutter or the hassle of moving and setting up external speakers.

While you’re enjoying entertainment on your laptop, the Lapdesk also helps to keep you comfortable. Whether you’re on the sofa or in bed, the viewing angle of your screen and the padded base help you sit in a more comfortable position. Meanwhile, a quiet, efficient fan circulates air under your notebook, and the heat-shielding design helps to keep laptop heat off your legs, preventing the slow-cooking of your nether regions that’s normally associated with prolonged laptop usage.

Coming in at around £70 it’s not the cheapest accessory on the market but given the quality of the speakers and the straightforward ‘plug and play’ connectivity it’s an ideal solution for anyone who regularly uses their laptop for film, music or gaming.