Magicbox’s Carnaby – Bringing the landline back into the limelight

Landlines have really taken a back seat since the popularity of mobile phones has reached almost epidemic proportions. Bringing the good old, reliable landline back into the limelight is communication and audio product designers and manufacturers, Magicbox, with its launch of its new landline telephone, the Carnaby.


I have to admit that the Carnaby, in combining a retro, 60s and 70s design with a contemporary twist, may succeed in the landline revival. Not only does this phone’s smooth contoured and shiny retro design exude style and sophistication, but it also contains plenty of features that makes it fit for 21st century living and which makes it a realistic rival to the mobile. Such features include a 25 name and number phonebook with caller display, an answerphone with seventeen minutes of recording time and with an auto-answer option on handset pick-up – a useful feature if you happen to be legging it to the phone in desperation to try and pick it up before it rings off, and a memory that is capable of storing up to 40 calls in its history.

The irritation of losing your mobile and having to get another member of your family to call it in order to locate it is an irritation not present with the Carnaby. As if you do happen to misplace your stylish new cordless handset, fear not as the base includes a ‘find handset’ button, which does just what it claims it will do. And that’s not all; the chic and elegant Carnaby also doubles up as a clock and alarm clock – A multi-tasking handset, now there’s a novelty.

Available at John Lewis for £59.95, we reckon Magicbox’s Carnaby will not only make a stylish and novel addition to the home, but will also make a refreshing change to the mobile.

Torque Digital Cordless Telephone: It’s good to Torque

Poor old landline phones – we’re all so busy admiring the latest gadgetry delights on offer from the likes of HTC and Apple, that sometimes we forget about them. I have to admit that while I have a lovely shiny iPhone in a beautiful leather case, my landline phone is the cheapest one I could find in Argos, and hardly looks like a stylish piece of kit.


The Torque Digital Cordless Telephone, from Magicbox, could change all that. Not only is it shiny and stylish, but it’s the world’s first full touch sensor key pad landline phone, or so say Magicbox anyway.This cordless phone includes an answering machine and has a high gloss finish that will fit in to your high-gloss, modern home (if that is, indeed, what you have).

But the style features don’t stop there; the keypads on the piano black-finish phone have been etched with a white laser, and only show up when you touch the handset. The base multitasks as it is also the charging station, and offers a flashing blue glow if you have a message waiting.

Magicbox claims the Torque is easy to navigate, thanks to its icon-based menu, and features a 100-name phonebook, caller ID, three-way conferencing call, SMS and a ‘find handset’ feature.
A fully charged handset offers up to 10.5 hours talktime, 160 hours standby time and has a 50m range indoors and 300m outdoors

The Torque comes in black and white and prices for one handset start at around £79.99.
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