Kogan’s new Agora tablets: A tablet price war has commenced!

It happened with baked beans, it happened with DVD players, now it’s happening with tablets, with Kogan launching a tablet price war in the UK by thrusting two new tablets on to the market for little more than £100!


Kogan, a lesser known consumer electronics’ designer, manufacturer and retailer, has been propelled to global notoriety overnight, by launching the Agora 8” Tablet, which starts from £119 and the Agora 10” Tablet, which starts at £149, both of which are powered by Android.

The Agora 8” – the ‘best value Android tablet in the world’, boasts a powerful 1 Ghz processor, has illuminated soft keys, HDMI output, microSD card input, Wi-Fi, and access to thousands of apps and games in the Android market. This apparently beautifully designed, lightweight and easy to carry tablet has, according to Kogan, been able to be made so cheaply by ‘cutting out all the middlemen, trimming the fat, and keeping prices extremely low.’

Its slightly more expensive sibling boasts a larger screen but what is equally as bright and responsive, with the same illuminated soft keys. Similar internal capabilities include built in Wi-Fi, Media Player, various desktop widgets, including weather, calendar, clock and YouTube, supports 720p HD Playback, has a HDMI video output, and is capable of reading and writing emails with the Gmail or Email app.

Taking a somewhat presumptuous and  slightly ‘moral high ground’ about his new, almost giveaway tablet creation, Ruslan Kogan, founder and CEO of Kogan, said:

“We’re entering the tablet wars in a concerted way and ensuring that we have the best value option. We know we’re creating a device that we be loved by anyone wanting to own their tablet without feeling guilty for forking out an arm and a leg.”

In ‘trimming the fat’, these tablets are void of a camera and lack the ‘sophistication’ of the likes of the iPad, but hey, for just over £100, who’s complaining!

It worked for Tesco’s in its ‘pile it high, sell it cheap’ philosophy, and tablet punters watch this space, ‘put your Christmas tablet shopping on hold, as Kogan may have just initiated a tablet price war!’

For more information head to Kogan

Review: Kogan Agora Chrome OS powered laptop


After nearly two years of development Google are finally ready to release their most interesting project to date, Google OS laptops, with Kogan releasing the World’s first offering, the Agora, at a very reasonable price of£269. The latest buzzword in the tech world is ‘Cloud’. Google’s OS laptops takes this idea to the next level with Notebooks that have no apps, no desktop – just Google Chrome and its impressive range of online application.

Kogan’s Chromium OS laptop is based on the popular Agora hardware, adds a Solid State Drive, and lets users operate entirely in the cloud, and boots in an impressive 4.5 seconds. What this means is that the laptops are running on a feature-laden version of the Internet browser of the same name: Google Chrome. The web-friendly laptops come with no desktop or in-built applications or programs, but instead allows users to do everything might want to do on web-based Internet programs like the impressive Google Docs.

The whole principle is that anything you need to do on an application you can do on the Internet, now this sounds totally plausible – whether it actually works in the real word is another thing. The specs of the Notebook aren’t important as there are no programs to load, it won’t need a proper hard drive as you save everything to the cloud.

Ruslan Kogan said: “What we’ve found from talking to our customers is that many of them are already using cloud services without even realising it. They’re uploading photos to services like Flickr, storing all their contacts in Gmail, and even hosting files on DropBox.

When you load up the Kogan Agora Chromium Laptop it is going to be strange experience for your average Windows or Mac User, Kogan are sure that once you get settled you’ll be totally at home. They said: “Loading up a laptop with Google’s open source software can be strange at first. However it is clear that everyone from casual users to pros are embracing cloud services with all their personal computing needs.

“The real beauty is that no matter which Chromium powered computer you’re on anywhere in the world, it will appear exactly as you expect, tailored to your needs.”

Google is also working hard to ensure that Chrome integrates seamlessly with all Android based devices so their will be a real continuity between Android and Chrome making an eco system that will rival ‘normal’ desktop laptops. Kogan Agora Chromium laptop comes with a 30GB solid-state drive just in case it’s so sunny you can’t find a cloud. HDMI support, so you connect you flatscreen TV to watch films from the laptop to your TV, and the laptop is also sporting a 12-inch LED screen.

It’s easy to stay connected anytime and anywhere with built-in Wi-Fi or by turning your Google Android or Apple iPhone into a hotspot. As your Kogan Agora Chromium laptop boots up, it quickly connects to your favourite wireless network so you’re on the web right from the start.

You will receive the same experience everywhere as your apps, documents, and settings are stored safely in the cloud. So even if you lose your computer, you can just log in to another Kogan Agora Chromium Laptop or any other Chrome laptop and get right back to work.

Every Kogan Agora Chrome-powered Laptop runs millions of web apps, from games to spreadsheets to photo editors. Thanks to the power of HTML5, many apps keep working even in those rare moments when you’re not connected. Visit the Chromium Web Store to try the latest apps, or just type in a URL. No CDs required.


Kogan releases gadgets for buyers on a budget

If you’re on a tight budget but really need (or want!) to jump on the tablet bandwagon, or are desperately looking for a laptop at a bargain price, Australian company Kogan has produced a new range just for you.


In fact, the company believes it is set to shape up the pricing of the UK consumer electronics market: “We’re throwing down the gauntlet to manufacturers and retailers in the UK,” said Ruslan Kogan. We’ve created a laptop that is not only extremely affordable and functional but one that you’re proud to show off.”

The Kogan Agora 12in ultra portable laptop starts from £219 and has been preloaded with Internet, office applications, music, hot and software packages and is compatible, with Ubuntu and Windows operating systems. It has a widescreen 12in LED screen, 1GB RAM, 250GB hard drive and a 1.3mp camera.

The Pro version starts from £229, and has an extra GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive.

Kogan’s Android Froyo powered 7in tablet starts at an amazing £89. It has a 7in capacitive touchscreen, built in microphone and camera and access to thousands of apps and games via Android Market.

Lastly, Ruslan Kogan described the Kogan Agora Internet TV Portal: “The Kogan Internet TV Portal is powered by Android, and it lets UK customers experience the whole web on the biggest screen in their home.

“Everyone can now watch what they want, when they want. They can stream movies from content providers across the globe including YouTube, Ustream, and any website with video. They can browse the web, chat to their friends on social media, share and view photos, movies and music, and even play games like Angry Birds on their TV.”

The internet TV portal stars at £99 and can be controlled via the optical remote or bundle with the £25 Kogan Agora Android keyboard.

If you are not relying on a tablet or keyboard for work purposes, and can’t really justify spending a lot of money on a laptop or tablet, Kogan’s offerings are surely worth a look.

Kogan’s gadgets can only be bought direct from its online store (which is one way in which it keeps its prices so low) at www.kogan.co.uk