Klipsch Image S4i Rugged headphones: All weather aural pleasure

If rugged adventure is music to your ears, make sure your headphones are in tune.

There’s no point having the most cutting-edge mp3 technology at your disposal if your headphones give up the ghost at the mere sniff of a storm. Speaker and earphone specialist Klipsch has addressed this rather niche niggle with Image S4i Rugged, its latest in-ear headphones uniquely engineered to weather the elements.

At the core of its all-weather design are tough, ruggedised rubber mouldings on the exposed surface of each ear bud. This simple, yet effective feature dismisses moisture from whatever the heavens or your activity throws at you.


Crucially, Klipsch has made every effort to safeguard sound quality via an 8.5mm dual magnet micro-speaker, which spans a wide frequency range while retaining a sharpness of detail for realistic sound reproduction.

Image S4i Rugged features the company’s patented oval ear tips, which naturally fit the contours of the ear canal to pipe your extreme sports playlist straight down your lugs with “superior noise isolation”. So you can carry on scaling that rock face uninterrupted by the ambient noise from low-flying eagles or riding your dirt-bike without the fear of fast-approaching storms compromising bass sound quality.

Should your choice of outdoor pursuit leave you without a hand spare to answer calls or skip unwelcome tracks on your iPhone playlist, Image S4i Rugged communicates seamlessly with your Apple mobile via an extra-large three-button remote. A concealed directional mic is ready for hands-free calling too.

These features may favour the iPhone user, but the headphones are compatible with virtually any device with a standard 3.5mm jack. A bold colour selection – yellow, orange, blue and red – mean there’s no risk of this diminutive accessory blending in, but as far as rugged designs go, they may be sturdy-looking, but they essentially retain a sense of style. And they certainly won’t go missing at the bottom of your backpack.

At a suggested retail price of £89.99, they may not sit at the budget end of the market, but if you prefer a musical soundtrack to fuel your outdoor adventures, here’s one solution that promises to match you pace-for-pace.


Don’t leave home without it: A gift guide for a loved one with the travel bug

What do you buy a travel junkie that seems to have everything? Well that’s simple, any one of the following…


Livescribe Echo Smartpen

If your loved one’s tendency for travel is business rather than pleasure related, the chances are he or she will love the Livescribe Echo Smartpen. This ingenious device records audio and matches it up with what you are writing. People taking notes during a presentation or a lecture can get away with jotting down keywords and later going back and listening to the conversation, cued up to different words on the page. When users download the free software to their PC, when the pen is plugged into a USB port, they can recap both the audio and the notes – most definitely a ‘smarter’ choice of pen.

Available in two different sizes, the 4GB Echo Smartpen costs £110 and the 8GB Smartpen costs £130.

Kayak app

This app costs nothing so cannot be considered as the most ‘generous’ travel gift available. Nonetheless being a simple, searchable app including information on flights, car hire and hotels, it’s a corker.

The Kayak app is available at www.kayak.com

Klipsch Image S4 Headphones

For travellers enduring long-distance journeys, standard ear buds can become slightly uncomfortable to say the least. The Klipsch Image S4 Headphones come in different sizes and are smaller, more tapered and softer than conventional headphones. They may be smaller but they are sturdier and more sound resistant than other standard ear buds – a real ‘must have’ for ardent travellers.

Go Laptop Travel Charger

Times have changed immensely since the days a backpacker’s backpack consisted of a pair of undies, socks and a toothbrush. Nowadays even backpackers insist on taking their laptop with them on their travels. A decent charger is therefore imperative. With a bevy of ‘tips’ or adaptors, that work with different power jacks, a whole host of Windows-based laptops can be charged with ease. And measuring 0.7 inches thick and weighing just 13.5 ounces, the Go Laptop Travel Charger is less bulky and lighter than standard AC adaptors, making more room for those other ‘essential’ travel items.

World Mate app

Another fantastic freebie, the World Mate app is an essential travel portal that provides worldwide weather forecast, currency exchanges and hotel searches.

World Mate can be downloaded at www.worldwidemate.com

Tripit Travel app

By acting as a kind of personal travel organiser, the Tripit travel app creates a master travel itinerary and enables users to access their travel itinerary online. To collate confirmation emails into one travel itinerary, download the Tripit app for free at: www.tripit.com