Top 5 Security Gadgets


Whether you’re going on holiday, sending your son or daughter away to university for the first time or simply concerned about your possessions being stolen, you most probably have some sort of security worry nagging away at the back of your mind. Fortunately whatever your fears there’s almost certainly a gadget to address them, here are five of the best.

UCam247 IP Camera

The UCam247 range of IP cameras connect directly to your home router so there’s no need for a computer to be switched on for them to operate. This also means that they can be accessed from anywhere via dedicated iPhone and Android apps. The cameras can be set up via the apps too so you don’t really need a computer at all.

Images are captured in high definition and there are a range of features including motion detection, night vision and automatic email alerts. The cameras come in indoor and outdoor versions making them suitable for a wide range of security tasks as well as being a useful way of monitoring a baby or a pet. Prices start from £110 for an indoor version, visit UCam247 for more details.


Pacsafe StuffSafe

Ideal for gap year students, festival goers and travellers of all kinds, the StuffSafe is an 80 litre waterproof bag. What makes it special is the stainless-steel eXomesh that’s wrapped around the outside. This is slash proof, snatch proof and tamper proof, for safety in transit it can be locked closed or locked to something else for security. When you arrive at your destination it can be fastened to something immovable making it perfect for protecting your valuables in hotel rooms and hostels.

The StuffSafe costs £81 from Cotswold Outdoor



If you’re worried about the security of a room, whether you’re a business traveller in a hotel, a student in university accommodation or just generally paranoid, the LifeLock might be the answer. This award-winning gadget can lock any door in seconds without the use of tools, yet can be taken off afterwards without leaving a mark. No codes or keys are needed so it can be easily removed in emergencies. The device has an integral LCD clock and also includes a built-in torch so you can fit it in the dark.

Peace of mind in your room costs £35.94 from LifeLock


Fake TV

Burglars tend to be opportunists so they’ll be put off if they think there’s someone at home. As an alternative to having your lights on a timer when you’re away from home, the Fake TV reproduces the flickering light patterns of a television set. It gives out the same amount of light as a 27-inch LCD TV and a sensor turns it on automatically as it gets dark, the device can be set to stay on for four or seven hours before shutting off.

Fake TV uses less power than a standard lamp and costs £34.95 from Gizoo


Kensington Proximo

It’s reckoned that a smartphone is stolen or lost every 3.5 seconds, which is pretty annoying if it happens to be yours. The Proximo sensor tag is paired with your smartphone and will alert you when it strays out of range. You can also attach a sensor to your keys to ensure that you can always find them too.

The starter kit with a sensor and a key fob costs £49.99 and extra sensors are available at £19.99 each from Kensington. It’s currently iPhone only but an Android version is on the way.