IFA: The Philips ‘HomeCooker’ from Jamie Oliver

Following a morning spent with Dell, we headed to the Philips booth for their midday press conference. While there was plenty of fanfare relating to the company’s new series 9000 and 6000 series TVs (produced in conjunction with TPV Technology of Taiwan), the thing that caught our eye was none other than Jamie Oliver – wearing one of his trademark checkered shirts.

Jamie came on stage to promote his new range of Jamie Oliver cooking products, including items like a 1000W food processor and hand blender. However, his headline product was the Jamie Oliver HomeCooker. Billed as a new way to cook healthily in a busy home, the HomeCooker both cooks and stirs for you.

It comes in a choice of black or white, with a companion chopping tower to help speed up the preparation process. The chopping tower comes with a selection of five blades, to chop, grate or slice a required for each individual ingredient.

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In the demonstration we saw a variety of meals were prepared, including a quick 10 minute South Indian prawn curry, chilli con carne and vanilla rice pudding.

It can cook and stir a main meal in the base while steaming an upper layer- ideal for cooking rice or vegetables above a main course. The device also includes a timer feature to shut off the heat once the cooking time is up and it can be dissembled easily, with dishwasher friendly components.

We were informed that the product is out now (or will be very shortly) in the UK and the price for the full package (i.e. including the chopping tower) would be around £350.

Update: Check out the video of the HomeCooker that we shot at IFA 2012:

Jamie’s Recipes for iPad

It’s easy to make fun of celebrity chefs, especially Jamie Oliver – ask any lazy comedian. But it’s also worth noting that as a nation a lot of us eat *terrible* food when we really don’t need to. There’s a fallacy that good food is expensive and time-consuming and Mr Oliver has gone out of his way to disprove that through a series of TV shows, books and, because he is a thoroughly modern man, apps.


After some successful adventures on the iPhone, Jamie Oliver has landed on the iPad (as an interesting side note, despite all iPhone apps being able to run on the iPad, the awful looking nature of 2x blown up apps on the iPad – Apple’s way of telling devs to go make iPad apps – seems to have been a remarkable success). With a new step-by-step interface, Jamie’s Recipes for iPad makes cooking a nerdy pursuit involving touch screen computing … and therefore awesome.

The app, designed and developed by Jamie Oliver and Zolmo, includes a growing collection of 120 step-by-step recipes, is replete with step-by-step photography and has exclusive videos with cooking tips, hints and techniques. It’s as if Jamie Oliver were in your kitchen giving you directions. Only less annoying (I told you it’s easy to make fun of him).

“I’m so proud of all the people who tell me that their lives have been made easier thanks to my apps.” said Jamie. “By taking out the guesswork and making everything really clear, we’ve been able to introduce a whole new audience to cooking. With this app I wanted to take it to the next level – it’s not only easy, it’s great fun too”.

The interface is designed specifically for the iPad, with each recipe into bite-sized steps (pun fully intended), each with high-resolution photography and voice-prompts from Jamie. In an interesting business move, the app is free and comes with a taster pack (pun once again fully intended) of 10 free recipes. There is an app store with recipe packs available for a limited period for a special launch price of 69p (normal price £1.49). Each pack includes at least ten delicious recipes and a video tutorial. Packs available to buy now include Classic Comfort Food, 10 Minute Meals and Tasty Tray Bakes.

Additionally, a range of comprehensive video tutorials guide cooks through techniques such as Knife Skills to Carving a Roast.

Jamie’s Recipes for iPad out now.

“20 Minute Meals” app: The ‘perfect cooking companion’ for the Android

Unsure what to cook tonight? Why not let Jamie Oliver do the deciding for you with the “20 Minute Meals” app for Android. With today’s increasingly hectic lifestyles, meals that you can prepare in under 20 minutes are high in demand, hence the popularity of the award-winning cooking app ’20 Minute Meals’. As from 22 March 2011, the app, which features 60 mouth-watering recipes, step by step instructions, some stunning photography and videos with cooking tips and techniques of the cooking maestro himself, will be available on Android phones.


Whether you like or dislike his ‘cheeky-chappy’ and ‘improvisational’ ways, you have to admit that Jamie Olivier has rocked the world of cooking, bringing new meaning to the concept of the celebrity chef. Given his ‘charismatic’ personality and, not to mention is culinary talents, Jamie Oliver makes the perfect cooking companion, a companion whom Android users can now take advantage of.

Due to a huge increase in people asking for the ’20 Minute Meal’ app to be brought to Android, software publisher Zolmo finally gave in to the huge demand, and have developed the app, so it is the “best possible cooking app” for the Android platform.

Not only does this ‘perfect cooking companion’ provide users with 20 exclusively shot videos covering a huge diversity of tips from ‘cooking pasta’ to how to ‘care for knives’, but it also features an interactive shopping list, whereby recipe ingredients can be viewed from supermarket aisles and ‘ticked off’ one by one. The app also includes a comprehensive guide to kitchen essentials, which ensures users have the prime equipment to simplify their cooking ventures. Another particularly popular feature of the app is the shake for a random recipe feature, which, if you are unsure what to cook, simply shake the phone and the ’20 Minute Meal’ app will suggest a recipe for you – perfect for those who are so busy they don’t even have time to think about what to cook!

In his summing up of the ’20 Minute Meal’ app, Jamie Oliver really epitomises the purposes and aims of a modern-day cooking tool:

“I want to give busy, on-the-go people everything they need to help them create great tasting homemade meals in around 20 minutes. There are so many of us with smartphones and we are rarely more than a few feet away from them, why not arm them with the tools to cook great food at home.”

And why not indeed Jamie, especially if you take advantage of the ’20 Minute Meals’ app for Android launch price of £2.99 until 31 March 2011 before it returns to the normal price of £4.99 on 1 April 2011.

The ‘perfect cooking companion’ is available here.