Jabra CHILL, RHYTHM and ACTIVE – cheap and cheerful choice

With the seemingly unstoppable popularity of multimedia phones, the demand for listening to different forms of sound such as music, phone calls, podcasts and audio books, has never been so intense. Fumbling around with ‘hands free’ kits, struggling to jog with headphones that keep falling out, and trying to talk above a muffled interference as we chat with earphones on, does not do the pinpoint quality and technological perfection of our iPhones and other smartphones any justice whatsoever.

GN Netcom, world leaders in producing pioneering and creative solutions to our many headset niggles, created a series of products designed in bringing quality, comfort and style to the corded headphone market.
Jabra’s three latest editions the Jabra CHILL, RHYTHM and ACTIVE claim to be able to meet the demands of users in the most diverse of situations, whilst retaining the quality, comfort and design multimedia smartphones are becoming increasingly synonymous with.


Its name ‘Chill’ is actually an unfair depiction of these headphones, because they are designed for being on the go. By using Jabra Ultimate-fit Eargels, a Jabra CHILL headset is designed to endure the most forceful of movements and will not fall out of your ear. Unlike most headphones, the Jabra CHILL will stay comfortably and securely sitting in your ear regardless of how strenuous or passive your activity, whilst seamlessly connecting to your smartphone, enabling you to listen to quality sounding music or phone calls whilst being on the go.

Do you ever get the urge to run faster when you are listening to music? If so than the Jabra ACTIVE may be the headphones you need to train with a renewed vigour in order to smash those personal bests. Essentially Jabra ACTIVE utilizes the same technology as the CHILL, including Jabra Active Eargels, ensuring sportsmen and women are not plagued by the distraction of fiddling with their earphones whilst training. Being waterproof, sweat and water will not hinder an athlete’s performance the way other headphones can.

‘Stylish’ and ‘headsets’ are not usually connected. Determined to challenge the headsets-equal-unattractiveness association, Jabra have launched the RHYTHM, which not fit comfortably into the ears, but look stylish too. This new stereo headset uses noise isolating ear buds and microphone wind-noise reduction technology and in doing so produces crisp and clear sound, enabling users to privately jive along to their favourite tunes whilst never failing to answer a phone call.

In addition you can kiss goodbye to having to fumble with your iPhone to skip tracks, turn the volume up or answer calls, as all three of Jabra’s latest headsets come equipped with a control box, permitting for more effortless control whilst being on the move.

The Jabra CHILL and RHYTHM are currently available at selected retail stores for a suggested retail price of £19.99 and £24.99 respectively.