Sony’s Christmas in July

Sony news has been up and down of late (a lot more down than up). But that’s about to change after the company released its  Christmas product plans – and invited us see ‘em. Just off of London’s Bond Street, Sony’s Christmas in July laid bare the highlights of the company’s x-mas offering:


3D Camcorders

Two 3D camcorders grace Sony’s Christmas line-up – one premium, one portable. The Handycam HDR-TD10 is the world’s first Full HD 3D camcorder. Using two lenses the camcorder captures two images that it automatically stitches together into one 3D video, ready for outputting onto a 3D screen. We saw it in action and the depth was definitely impressive!

The Bloggie 3D is a more portable 3D camera, with a NDS-style 3D screen for glasses-free 3D viewing. You can even attach a 360-degree lens to record everything happening around the camera – pretty mental, really.

Compact and Beautiful

The NEX-C3 builds on the success of its predecessor by being lighter and even more beautiful. There are various attachments, including a flashgun, and impressive macro and zoom lens. What really struck us, however, was how light it was – the body weighs just 225g and exudes quality. Like.

Projecting Camcorders

The HDR-PJ30 records video like a standard Handycam – but can project its videos up to 60” onto a wall for instant playback. It’s a nice touch.

Mystery Tablets

We got to see the S1 and S2 tablets – although playing with them was a no-no. Despite not seeing what they can do, the piano-black finish means they certainly look sweet. What this space for further updates.

New Docks

Three new iPod docks arrive this Christmas – with the RDP-X60iP being the stand-out contender. While the others – the RDP-M5iP and the M15ip are both impressively loud from a built-in battery pack – the X60iP is really impressively loud from the mains. The sound quality is great, too.