Invoxia NVX 610: Plug and Play Professional Phone Products

Man, the people at French telecommunication giants invoxia are doing very well indeed as we get stuck in to 2013! Following the mighty Best of CES Innovations award and the multiple worlds awards (Red Dot 2012, Observeur du Design 2013, Telephony Product of the Year 2012, celebrating the new telecommunications vision, invoxia is now a service provider and unveiling brand new features this year for NVX 610. It’s all looking pretty sweet, at the minute.


So, what’s our focus point today then? Well, for your viewing pleasure, gadgeteers, it’s The NVX 610, developed by invoxia and it’s changing the entire concept of err, telephony services for small businesses and home offices. We’re most excited about the launch of the first plug and play professional phone which will now be sold with an integrated phone number/ SIP line….that’s pretty cool, right? Indeed. With this, there is no need for users to search for another provider to supply the telephone line, everything is now included and all the setting up and stuff is, to be fair, very simple indeed. We’re time-savers, here!

Okay. Alright! There’s some amount of hype. What’s the deal? The user (that’d be me and you then) simply plugs in the phone, connects it to an iPhone, gives an email addy and a telephone number is directly given. As per with this sort of thing, competitive subscriptions are available. The subscription will be paid on a dedicated webpage and installation takes a few minutes to set up.

What’s most interesting about invoxia’s new development is its incorporation of In Vivo Acoustics technology which handily enables users to hold conference calls, listen to music and benefit from very high sound quality. To go into a bit more detail for you, with In Vivo the separation between the left and right channels is very impressive. The New NVX 610 comes with no less than six speakers and four microphones for the best quality sound. Keeping this in mind, it’s quite cool that the sound coming from the speakers is hardly noticeable. Which is interesting. Do you want to know why? Because I’m Batman. No. No. It’s not that, really. It’s because each instrument at use is spatially isolated and can be heard very distinctly from whatever location the listener is in. Mint.

It’s also worth noting that the New AudiOffice is now also designed with a new passive radiator that increases the performance of base sounds and gives a higher quality of sound when using the speaker. What a beast. You’re probably going to want in on this? Yeah, we thought so. Let’s delve deeper then, shall we?

The AudiOffice is a dock with a nifty Cortex A8 processor built in which optimises iOS and now Android devices to such a level that it has the potential to be a damn-near essential device for daily comms and also for listening to music, of course! An updated version, appropriately dubbed the “New AudiOffice” will have a range of brand new features will be available in Europe and the US. Exciting times, for sure. No, really. This is proper good!

Connecting the AudiOffice to both Smartphones and tablets is a simple too. You can pair up the AudiOffice to an Android or iOS device via Bluetooth and users can call using their mobile line or use applications such as Skype, Viber, Bria or Facetime.

Specs, I hear you cry! You want more specifications? You can’t handle….no wait, you can. The AudiOffice now has six speakers instead of four and is enhanced by four inbuilt microphones which provide (as you can well imagine) even higher sound quality. Worth mentioning as well at this point is that the AudiOffice will be supplied with three USB cables (30 point USB cable, lightning cable, and a micro USB cable) and a master USB port.

Oh no! We’re not done yet! To add to your excitement…I almost feel like we’ve overloaded you! We’re pleased to let you know that The New NXV 610 now comes with two USB master ports which enable users to connect the handset and to charge an iPad (can’t be doing without that really, can we?). It comes with USB cables taking into account the Apple products evolution with the Lightening connector; the device is now integrating the iPhone 5. Stunnin’.

Here’s all the essential bumpf for you…boom! Let’s do this! The New NVX 610 will be first available in France at the beginning of 2013, then in the US and Europe during Q1 along with The AudiOffice. The New NVX 610 can be purchased from at 417 € or 599 $ (excl. tax) – invoxia is designed for all iOS devices. Meanwhile, The New AudiOffice is available to purchase from the aforementioned site priced at 299 US$ or 299 € incl. VAT worldwide. It is also available to purchase in store from FNAC, France. As with the NVX, it’s made for iOS devices including iPhone 5 as well as PCs, tablets and Smartphones.