New vacuum from Vax is on the cards

A gadget made out of cardboard? Are you mad? That was my first thought when I found out about the cardboard Vax. I checked the date – no, not April 1 so maybe it wasn’t a joke. And, aside from what you read on Latest Gadgets, I know not to believe everything I read on the internet.


But after some digging around, I have found it is indeed true – there is a vacuum cleaner that has been made out of cardboard, and you, dear readers, can find out how you might be able to take part in a trial of the prototype, as well as make your very own cut out and keep mini cardboard Vax!

The idea behind the Vax ev is, as you may have guessed, ecological. With manufacturers, agencies and the consumer wary about how landfill is filling up, this neat little number has been made with optimum sustainability in mind, as it is made from recycled and recyclable materials.

The Vax ev has been developed by industrial design student Jake Tyler, who worked with the support of vacuum cleaner maker Vax’s new product design team. The plan was put into action while Jake was working at Vax’s UK headquarters on a student placement scheme. Probably unsurprisingly, Jake graduated with a first class degree and now works with Vax full time.

The motor housing is contained within a cardboard body, that begins life as part of the retail packaging, and then pops into place around the working parts. It can be customised using felt tip pens, so your Vax ev will be like no other!

And if you’re thinking this could be a fire hazard, rest assured that the cardboard has a flame retardant coating. Where parts cannot be made from cardboard, a recyclable nylon plastic casing gas been used. This is easily produced and cuts out the need for assembly lines, so the product can be made and distributed locally, reducing energy use and fuel costs.

The Vax is a fully working prototype at present, and if you want to get involved in its trial, send your details to Vax here