Roberts launches device for radio stars

Have you experienced the joy of internet radio yet? It means you can access radio stations from around the world – so you can listen to that drivetime show you enjoyed so much while on holiday in the US, or indulge in a constant stream of hits from the eighties (if that’s your thing!)


Roberts, makers of some very desirable retro-styled radios (and experts in the manufacture of radios – the company started 80 years ago), have just introduced their very first internet-only radio, the Stream 105. This means that you can’t tune in using an aerial to get FM stations or even DAB radio. And you’ll need a wireless network at home as there is no option for connecting via Ethernet.

Compact, easy to use, and with the same simple styling we have come to love from Roberts, it is designed to be lightweight and portable – indeed you can use it on any public Wi-Fi hotspot if you so wish.

As seems to be de rigeur with many devices these days, the Stream 105 can be controlled using your iPhone or Ipod Touch, thanks to an app called ConnectR. This allows you to control volume and mode via your phone’s screen, as well as being able to set presets and alter tone control.

This is good news, as there is no touch-screen – or even screen – on the device, and otherwise everything needs to be done using the dial control.

The app also allows you to play music from your PC through the speakers of your internet radio – connect to your network and you’ll be able to access your albums, playlists and individual tracks at the click of a button.

The radio can also act as a speaker for your iPod or MP3 player, thanks to the presence of an auxiliary in-socket. There is also an alarm facility (choose from being woken by a buzzer or by your favourite radio station).

The Roberts Stream 105 comes in at a tidy £100 – find out more at

Ingenious gadget gift ideas

It’s never a bad time to give a gift to a loved one (especially if that loved one is you) and our friends at sent us a few ideas that caught our eye.


Tip & Tilt Internet Radio

Knobs, buttons, switches and dials won’t impede the design of this cutely colourful radio. Move between radio stations by turning the radio from side to side, adjust the volume by tilting it back and forth and to mute the little blighter simply lay it on its front. Although a radio this novel will cost you, £89.99 to be exact.

Immortal Video Glasses

For any video game fanatics in your life – almost everybody with a teenage son or daughter – these amazing specs will hold you in eternal endearment. Armed with a built-in widescreen VGA video camera, the Immortal Video Glasses are able to store and shoot up to 3 hours of video-quality footage, meaning hands are free for whatever the game necessitates them to do. These surprisingly light, easy controlled video glasses come with 3 sets of interchangeable lenses for maximum visibility in all light conditions. They don’t come cheap though – £239.99 to make a teenager smile? Yeah it’s got to be worth it!

Gyro Flyer Apache R/C Helicopter

Boys will always be boys no matter how old they are, and when it come to ‘toys’, boys cannot fail to feel important and jubilant when flying a remote controlled helicopter. With a 3 channel control system, the Gyro Flyer Apache R/C Helicopter can be flown up to ten metres away, leaving its ‘pilot’ with complete control. Incorporating an auto-balance system, this sleek and inventive machine is ultra-stable, and with several LED lights flashing away under its tail, flyers of the Gyro Apache will feel extra regal and dignified when flying this classy remote controlled helicopter – a great little gift for just £29.99

Marshall Headphones

£89.99 may be slightly on the ‘steep’ side for a pair of headphones, although with claims that they bring you ‘closer to the live, rock experience’, you may be willing to depart with a large chunk of well earned cash a try out Marshall’s new headphones. Possessing a super soft ear cushion, these fully collapsible headphones are great for travelling and are that comfy, you may even fall asleep in them.

For more info, check out