Christmas gifts for girls

Christmas is looming. If you like to miss the mad Christmas Eve rush then you best start buying those pressies now. Here’s our top present ides for the ladies! So ladies treat yourself to something nice or better yet drop a hint by leaving this site open for the significant other in your life to see.


For the gym bunnies, Wi-Fi Bathroom scales are sent from heaven. Losing weight is hard enough. Do you really want to spend time manually tracking your progress? I know I don’t. The Wi-Fi Scales by Withings will wirelessly send your weight, lean mass, fat mass and BMI all to your PC, iPhone or iPad or Android phone. Your progress is shown graphically with an easy-to use interface. You can even tweet you weight if you like, perhaps when you reach a milestone? For users with multiple in the household, it has user recognition so you stand on the scales it knows who are without having to select which user to weigh in as. The iPhone application is free allowing you to keep track on the go wherever you are. You can get it in black and newly available white for £120 here.

For the ladies with multiple gadgets, save yourself from having a low battery with the iHome iB969 Charging Station. This is a practical gift for people with several gadgets to charge at the same time. The station can charge up to 4 gadgets at the same time including iPad, iPhone, iPod and a Kindle. You can charge other devices using a USB connection. Guys, if you ask very nicely maybe your lady will let you charge device?

For the designer-clad woman who loves fashion, uber cool Marc Jacobs have made a case for the iPad. Available in hot pink, purple, turquoise and black. I recommend the hot pink as it’s gorgeous. The cases are foamed rubber with jumbled logo embossed. For a designer case at street price you cannot beat this. Available in different sizes allowing you to carry your laptop in the large cases starting from £35 for the iPad case here.

For the teen girl in need of a PAYG phone, the Alcatel OT-808 is a good choice. It has a unique, compact clam-shell handset in pink. With integrated social networking at its core, a gossip girl can keep in contact with everyone. A 2MP camera, FM radio and a QWERTY will keep your daughter or little sister happy without breaking the bank for you. Exclusively to Carphone Warehouse, it is £39.95 on PAYG.

If you know any photographers, why not give them the Casio Exilim EX-15. Packing 14MP, 10x Zoom and HD video recording, features we have all become accustomed to. What makes this camera different is the Art Shot function enabling the photographer to create photos that have the feel of a real painting. You can select from three art styles to capture the scene, oil, crayon or watercolour. A Premium Auto function automatically analyzes the scene and optimizes settings including focus location, sensitivity and colour balance. This makes the camera easy to use as you just push the button and the camera does the rest. Available in pink, black and silver with a RRP of £250 from Amazon.