IDAPT i2 Wire-Free Universal Charger

If you’re anything like me then you watch too many cartoons and bore people at parties extolling the brilliance of The Venture Bros. You also have far too many gadgets strewn across your desk, all demanding juice. I have a complex ritual, shuffling mini-, micro- and big-fat USB leads across to power my iPhone, DS and whatever else is demanding power that day. One day all gadgets will have inductive charging cases and I can simply throw them on my desk at watch them automagically charge. Or maybe we’ll finally crack wireless charging and I can have everything continually topping up from my pocket.


But until that day I can play around with the IDAPT i2 Wire-Free Universal Charger with USB. The £30 dock lets you charge three devices at a time – two in swanky dock fashion and one by snaking out a cable round the side. Which three devices you may well ask? Well according to the company the i2 supports 4000+ devices – and with all flavours of USB and iOS devices supported, then there is a very good chance that could be an accurate assessment.

The i2 works via a series of interchangeable tips that suit your particular phone, handheld console or tablet. In the box are six tips: Nokia 2, Samsung 4, Sony Ericsson 2, miniUSB, microUSB and iPod-iPhone. There is also a standard USB slot at the side. Not got the tip you were looking for? You can buy extras for about £6 (which seems a little steep to me).

There are little LED charging indicators that let you know what is charging and a big old fashioned on-off switch at the back. The i2 is a cool looking shiny unibody black box that manages to look classy on the average desktop and can actual help to reduce visual clutter.

Available from the IDAPT store here. You may well expect a pun about charging your credit card but I’m better than that.