Review round up: HP Chromebook 14


Its “eye-popping” colours are the first thing Engadget mentions in its hands on review of the new HP Chromebook 14. Citing the aesthetical merits (particularly the colour) of a new gadget first and foremost makes one suspiciously dubious about the inner-capabilities of a product’s guts. However, as these “eye-popping” colours include Ocean Turquoise, Coral Peach and Snow White, perhaps we’re being a little cynical.

Despite being described by Engadget as having a “toy-like” exterior, given the storm of attention the Chromebook 14 has ignited, it seems unlikely that its appearance is the only aspect that is worth mentioning.

Being powered by an Intel processor based on the Haswell microarchitecture, the Chromebook 14 offers super-fast internet speeds giving users the ability to tackle multiple tasks while on the go – apparently. What’s more with optional 4G, enhanced connectivity is also achievable.

One common theme the hands on reviewers of the online techno press distinguish as an HP Chromebook 14 asset is the device’s larger than average keys. After all, claim Pocket-lint, “size makes for a decent typing experience.”

Talking about size, owning a 14-inch screen, the Chromebook 14 is large for Chromebook standards. Of course large typically denotes heaviness, although weighing 1.8kgs and being 21mm thick when in closed position, the Chromebook 14 doesn’t seem to be particularly fat and overweight though definitely not slender and lightweight. While Pocket-lint is quick to criticise the HP Chromebook 14 for having a large screen that fails to deliver a resolution beyond its smaller rivals, Broadway World commends it large display as “providing the immersive web experience and superb visual enjoyment that customer’s desire.”

Chromebook 14 comes in a variety of colours

It has to be said that speed and fluidity are components modern portable computer consumers crave. Due to the high demand for fluidness and fastness, the HP Chromebook 14’s automatic software updates that help maintain fluidity is a component of the product that has been widely picked up on.

Having easy access to content while on the go is another popular requirement of modern computing. With 100GB of free storage on Google Drive for two years, plus users being able to visit the Chrome Web Store in order to customise their Chromebook 14 by installing apps, this device certainly appears to be content accessible-friendly.

As Pocket-lint summarises, the HP Chromebook 14 isn’t a revelation, although its glossy plastic finish in “eye-popping” colours has certainly sparked interest and discussion.

The pricing and timing of its launch is one aspect of the Chromebook 14 that has remains comparatively low-key on the reviews and is a characteristic that more than warrants remark – Starting at £249.00 and being expected to be available in at the HP UK store and at select retailers in the UK in November, this exceptionally colourful and “Toys R Us” resonant gadget is likely to be a popular gift this Christmas.