The SurroundSound Anywhere 220 loses all that spaghetti

Whilst you might be sitting at home enjoying some stunning surround sound from your home theatre system, you might also be nursing a bruise or two from tripping over your rear speaker wiring. Then again, if you’re thinking of going out to get a new surround sound system and the wireless option is just too rich for your budget, Marmitek might just have the answer you’ve been waiting for..


The SurroundSound 220 is a wireless solution for non wireless speakers that seems just too simple for words. Just connect the speaker output wires from your surround sound amp to the 220 digital audio transmitter and the rear speakers to the supplied audio receiver and you’re all set to go.

The audio transmitter will automatically copy the volume level of your amplifier so you can still use your TV remote and there is a separate volume control on the transmitter and receiver so you can easily adjust the balance between front and rear speakers.

The sound data is digitally transmitted uncompressed, so you’ll be getting audio that’s significantly better than CD quality.

The only things you’ll be missing then are the miles of wires you no longer need. Genius.

The SurroundSound Anywhere 220 is available for £109.95, a pretty good price to pay for a wireless surround solution.