Pioneer’s new micro-stereo systems

Pioneer has launched four new micro-stereo systems into the European market, with enough variation between the models to help you find your ideal micro-music machine.

The range – X-HM10, X-HM20DAB, X-HM70DAB, XC-HM70DAB – was built on the back of the success of the X-HM50 micro-system that was introduced last September.


Every system in the range caters for all of your CD playing needs, while also remembering those of us who live in the 21st century: each one has a front-mounted USB port.

The USB support isn’t great, however, allowing the playback of MP3 or WMA files. That’s not the widest format support we’ve ever seen. Still, most files come in MP3 anyway, so it’s probably not a deal-breaker.

For every model except the X-HM10, you’ll also find an iPhone/iPod docking slot integrated in the top of the cabinet, for both playback with charging.

All of the systems are extremely similar in size, with each device measuring 21.5cm wide. The two premium offerings are slightly taller (11.1cm to 9cm) and have a little more depth (32cm vs. 30cm).

There’s not much else to say about the entry-level X-HM10 (£129.99), other than its speakers output at 2x15W.

Things get more interesting with the X-HM20DAB (£199.99), however, which throws in DAB radio, higher-grade speakers (complete with a 5cm tweeter and 10cm woofer) and the iPhone/iPod docking capability, as well as support for the iPad via the USB port.

Topping Pioneer’s micro systems line-up is the X-HM70DAB (£449.99) – with premium features like internet radio and home network music playback. That means that not only are all the world’s internet stations at your fingertips, but also music from a PC or media server connected to the same LAN can be played via DLNA.

Speaker-wise, the X-HM70DAB’s speakers have a built-in 12cm woofer, and output at an impressive 50W (each). It’ll also be available without speakers, as model number XC-HM70DAB (£349.99).