Hed Kandi and Ministry of Sound launch new range of iPhone audio accessories

In line with the 20th anniversary of London’s legendary nightclub, the Ministry of Sound, world-renowned dance music brands Hed Kandi and Ministry of Sound have announced a new range of audio iPhone products. In combining the Ministry of Sound’s solid experience and global esteem in providing one of the best club sounds in the world, which spans two decades, with the chicness and style Hed Kandi has become known for, one can expect the new audio range to “rock the socks off” any dance music devotee. Here’s a snippet on what’s on offer…



Pamper your ears with these sophisticated, soft touch, rubber housed earphones. These funky earphones are in-keeping with Hed Kandi and the Ministry of Sound’s dedication to “stand out of the crowd” and are available in six bold colours with a matching cable and plug and a gold plated 3.5mm jack.

Not bad for a modest £7.99

Mirror Screen Protector

Slightly symbolic of a rhythmic mirror ball hanging from a stylish nightclub, this sleek cover will protect your iPhone or iPod against the daily grind, whilst doubling up as a mirror to ‘touch up’ your lipstick whilst queuing to get into a club.

Definitely worth a mere £7.99

Glitter Ball

Relive your favourite Hed Kandi moments wherever you go with this pocket sized Glitter Ball speaker. The Glitter Ball is compatible with most mobiles and devices and is fully rechargable, meaning you will never be far from your fave ‘hands in the air’ Hed Kandi tunes.

For £14.99, it’s got to be worth it!

Neon and Spectrum ToughSkins

Stand out with these Neon and spectrum ToughSkins, where durability and flexibility is the key. Available for the iPod Touch 4, these impact resistant cases are available in four different neon colours and are priced at £9.99. For real die-hard Ministry of Sound fans, a special Spectrum version is also available for £14.99, which features the iconic club’s logo.

MOS001 Earphones

Despite being an ultra-slim 9mm, being encased by an ergonomic aluminium shell, the MOS001 Headphones deliver exceedingly clear sound. These musical ‘powerhouse’ headphones are available in six different bold shades to suit your mood, and are guaranteed to maintain Saturday night fever right through the week.