Polar Fit heart rate monitor: Feeling the burn

Around 43% of men and 33% of women are overweight. That means at least a third of you need to do more exercise, and there’s an almost even chance that I do, too. Don’t fret, however: Polar, manufacturer of heart-rate monitor watches, is here to help.


Introduced to us as, “the perfect solution for those who want to give loved ones the gift of motivation”, what Polar don’t know about romance is made up for in heart-rate knowledge. One killer feature is the watch’s unique EnergyPointer, which visually indicates whether the main effect of your training is fitness improvement or fat burning.

It uses heart rate variability to calculate the centre point between the two training effects. When the heart rate is below the point, the user is improving their fat burning; above it, aerobic fitness. It a simple solution, but vitally important for people unaccustomed to the intricacies of weight loss and exercise.

The watch also keeps track of how many calories are burnt each session, which can then be uploaded onto your computer to track your progress. If you grab the optional Polar FlowLink data transfer unit, you can even upload your details onto the net. Here there’s a whole world of functionality: interact with other active people, analyze training results, see your training load status, and get online training guidance. It’s like a Facebook for Fitness.

The chest strap that monitors the heart-rate is individually coded, which means data sent to your watch is definitely your own – the device won’t accidentally receive crossover information from other exercisers.

To complete the service, Polar offers downloadable training plans, so even the most inexperienced exerciser can get started with expert advice.

Aside from all this, the watches actually look pretty cool. In either red and silver or red and black, the hexagonal pattern makes you feel totally Tron. Awesome.

Available now for £93.50.