Jabra WAVE: Multi-talented headset


Jabra seem to be churning out headsets more rapidly than a hen churns out eggs, and with each claiming to be more advanced than the previous, where will the escalating innovation within the world of headphones stop? The Danish company’s latest headphone venture, like its previous ones, claims to be more comfortable, sleeker and advanced than before. How? We ask. Let’s take a look…

For starters the new Jabra WAVE, is slimmer than its predecessors, and therefore permits greater comfort. Not only is it slimmer, but its flexible shape moulds comfortable into user’s ears and distributes the weight of the headset evenly. The WAVE’s improved ergonomic design – namely being smaller, lighter and using ultra-soft materials – ensures for greater comfort, and as Jabra put it, “ideal for all-day use”.

Voice guidance seems to be the all-pervading facet of many new gadgets and Jabra is embracing the current trend to have a ‘calm’ and ‘soothing’ voice ‘take the guesswork’ out of certain features. Not only will the WAVE vocally inform users of critical status updates, such as a low battery and Bluetooth connectivity, but alongside the installed voice guidance, StatusDisplay LED indicators will display multi-coloured lights that correspond to the WAVE’s connectivity and battery level.

Although it is nothing unique over other Jabra headsets, the usefulness of being able to connect to two devices simultaneously, is worthy of a mention. By incorporating Multiuse technology, enables users to effortlessly glide between internet calls, multiple phones and even a Bluetooth-enabled PC.

However, what we really yearn from a headset is sound quality, and this is where the Jabra WAVE may excel. Combining Digital Signal Processing (DSP) with a new microphone concept generates explicitly clear sound, regardless of the background noise. Its automatic volume adjustment and acoustic shock protection block out any unexpected high tones. Whilst the WAVE’s boom tip microphone allows for greater resistance to turbulence and wind noise.

An effortlessness and more intuitive user experience is at the core of modern technology, and an easy-to-locate operating switch on the microphone boom, helps to craft a more ‘simpler’ headset experience.

The Jabra WAVE is now available to buy in the UK and retails at £59.99. Info at http://www.jabra.com/products/bluetooth/jabra_wave/jabra_wave