Tivoli Audio adds five new products to its family

If there is one thing Tivoli knows about, it’s radio, after all their original Model One redefined table top radio as we know it. That said, there’s no such thing as perfection and with this new batch of releases Tivoli has tweaked its two leading products and expanded its audio pedigree into other related areas.


First off, the legendary vintage looking Tivoli Audio Model One BT has become Bluetoothed allowing it to talk wirelessly to any of your compatible music devices. With an 8 metre range and a pairing capacity of up to 8 devices, the Audio Model One BT, with its chunky tuner and front speaker will turn a table into a conversation piece. £199.

Next up is the Model One’s posher cousin the Tivoli Audio PAL BT. All sleek and trendy, this tried and tested rechargeable  portable radio has also been given the Bluetooth treatment, so wireless streaming and an all weather case to boot. £239.

In a slight departure from its now familiar range, Tivoli has created the Audio BluCon a standalone bluetooth receiver which will bring wireless streaming audio to any device equipped with an auxiliary input.   £99

With the Audio Radio Silenz Tivoli has crossed over into headphone territory, maintaining its reputation for a great build and high quality sonics. This is a pair of over ear phones that are clearly related to the Model One’s familiar wood finish, with their own tidy set of wooden veneer trims over the ear pieces. Coming in three colours, ash, walnut and cherry, these active noise cancelling phones also carry a muting button so you can hear someone talking to you if you need to. A very nice touch.

Lastly, the free to download Radio App contains a 100 music stations and 10 categorised genres specially chosen by Tivoli from suggestions from its online community. Available from the App Store and Google Play.

Angry Birds Space cases and headphones are out of this world

Whoever came up with the idea of firing birds loaded in a catapult onto egg-stealing green pigs must be a genius. And a very rich genius at that. On paper, it sounds all a bit daft idea, but Angry Birds has proven itself to be one of the most addictive games ever, and the 700 million of units it has sold since 2009 stand testament to that fact.


Angry Birds Space is the latest chapter in the game, and features a host of new features and levels, including the introduction of new birds and piggies to battle. This time around you will have to contend with various degrees of gravity as all the action takes place, yes you guessed it, in space itself. It’ll be a bit like Battlestar Galactica, but with more beaks.

To commemorate the games launch, Gear4 have come up with a set of cases and headphones for your iPhone, iPod and iPad. The accessories feature images of the new Angry Birds Space characters, which include Laser Bird, Ice Bird, Bomb Bird, super Red Bird and the evil King Pig.

There are five different iPhone and iPod cases, and four cases for the iPad, along with the trademark Super Red bird to chose between. Prices start at £24.99 each. There are also four different headphones with Angry Bird images on the ear-bud to wear whilst you play the game or listen to music, these are each available for £19.99. Wear your Angry Birds colours with pride!

For more information on the cases and headphones visit www.gear4.com. To download your own copy of the finger-flicking physics game, visit spaced.angrybirds.com. Angry Birds Space is available on iOS, Android, Mac, and PC.

Cygnett’s new affordable headphone range: Perfect for Swan Songs

Cygnett are old hands at the mobile phone accessories game – having produced a range of affordable yet innovative cases and covers for things like iPhones and Blackberries in the past (check out their Sound Scoop case for the iPad 2 that emulates the sound boost you get from cupping a speaker with your hand). One of the most essential mobile phone accessories for me are headphones, so I was pleased when Cygnett annouced they were getting into the headphone game with a new range.


A few highlights include:

The Fusion II headphones, which are engineered with sound-isolation technology and superior bass response coupled with feature a built-in microphone with remote click to enable hands-free talk. Like most of these earphones the Fusion II comes in at £19.95.

The GroovePlatinum offer sharp sound and noise isolation but mostly seem to differ from the Fusion II in terms of design. Also £19.95.The SpaceBuds earphones are nice little compact in-ear headphones and come in a striking black and orange colour. They are also the cheapest in the range, retailing at £9.95.


At the other end of the spectrum lie the Sonic headphones, which feature powerful bass and dynamic sound quality. The sound-isolation technologyis create a clearer listening experience through blocking out background noise – though as with all noise-isolation units I’d advise you test them first to see how they blend with your surroundings. The Sonic headphones retail at £39.95

For more info head to cygnett.com