Vodafone’s new campaign highlights the importance of phone calls

Phone calls are one of the most, if not the most, important forms of communications between most people in the modern world. They offer us connections to those who matter most to us, and the ease at which we can make these connections is growing ever faster. As phone technology goes from strength to strength with new smartphones innovating every day, it is only logical that what seems to be a constant is innovated too. This constant is of course the quality of sound in phone calls, which has remained more or less the same since we can collectively remember.

Vodafone’s latest development aims to see HD quality phone calls become the norm in the UK. When in 3G range, Vodafone customers will be able to automatically switch to a HD call – making those confusing city-centre phone calls easier. 4G customers will also be able to use the service as they will automatically switch to 3G to take part. This coupled with HD video chat on 4G should see a vast improvement for the connectivity of Vodafone customers. Both business and ordinary customers will be able to use this service in the UK, as long as it’s between Vodafone customers.

Vodafone also aims to shed light on the importance of phone calls and how they bring people closer, allowing them to connect in new ways. Their heart-warming video (below) shows a video call between a new father and a new grandfather as the latter sees his grandson for the first time is a prime example. HD calls will only make these moments more memorable, and bring those who matter most closer to home.

The company is also expanding its connectivity in other ways, with its 4G coverage now over 313 cities, towns and districts in the UK. Additionally, the upcoming Rural Open Sure Signal programme will see more coverage brought to over 100 rural communities. You can find out more about Vodafone’s HD calling service and watch their other videos that showcase how ‘Every Second Counts’ on their dedicated campaign page.

While the words above are our own, this article was sponsored.