Top 5 Hangover Relief iPhone Apps

The party season is upon us and alongside all the late-night partying and too much boozing, there’s going to be a few hangovers in the pipeline. While many people, rather than admit that the eight pints they drank last night is causing their head to thump, their stomach to lurch and their tongue to feel like sandpaper, will blame their state of stupor on the ‘dodgy’ kebab they had on the way home, or the extra-hot vindaloo they had after the pub, we are all on a secret lookout for that long-time-coming hangover cure. If you’ve tried the alka seltzer, the downing a pint of water before going to sleep, or find that a full-English breakfast leaves you feeling worse than better, and are keen to find that elusive hangover cure in time for Christmas, then read on, as the following five apps may, just may, help you in your quest for a hangover-free Christmas – Did we mention try not drinking?

Image courtesy of Flickr user mik_p

Tap Free Pain


If you’ve got the time and someone willing to massage you, than the Tap Free Pain app, with its 200+ pain relief and relaxing massage methods is guaranteed to help relieve those ‘I’ll never drink again’ feelings. You can even customise your own hangover relief program and save it for instant access after your next bender – We thought you said ‘never again!’

If you’ve not got the time or someone to massage you, then the Tap Free Pain app is effectively useless.

Hangover Meter


Making light of our dire state of mental and physical inertia is the Hangover Meter app, which ‘measures’ how bad your hangover is, in order to, we presume, encourage ‘hangover’ competitions among mates and the one with the worse hangover is crowned champion!

Drink ‘n’ Track


For those more serious about canning the plonk is the Drink ‘n’ Track app. This health-conscious app tracks your drinking habits with the aim of keeping your drinking in line – Perhaps this one’s best left until after Christmas.

Hangover Cures


Now this one’s more like it. If you’ve tried absolutely anything not to wake up after a night’s boozing with a mouth like a wrestler’s jock strap, then check out Hangover Cures, which has 40 unique and crazy ways to beat those hangover blues.

Brainwave Hangover Relief


If hangovers leave you cringing back under the covers at the slightest sound then the Brainwave Hangover Relief app, could be the ‘cure’ for you. Giving out low-frequency sound waves this innovative app is meant to provide relief for hangover symptoms – Although you may look slightly ignorant sat with headphones on all day ignoring all external sound.