Swivl for iPhone – Get Yourself in the Movies


It’s not easy to capture yourself on a video camera – and if you want to film yourself – or others – practicing your dance moves maybe, or just have a hands-free video call, there’s a nifty accessory made for you.

Swivl, say the makers, is like having your own personal cameraman (or woman). This is a rotating bases, designed to be used with and iPhone, which can enable it to capture video and take snaps while you stay hands-free.

The Swivl works thanks to a sensor that tracks movement and tells the intelligent base how to rotate or tilt to capture all the action. It also doubles up as an iOS digital microphone, so that you grab sound as well.

The Swivl can be used to take panoramic shots, conduct FaceTime chats and to help you multitask. Use it at parties and you’ll capture some interesting footage as the night goes on! hop it on the kitchen table and you can chat to a friend via FaceTime while you get on with cooking dinner.

The Swivl is compatible with iPhone 4, 4S and 5, iPod Touch (4th and 5th generations) and iPad Mini and costs £179.99 from Find Me a Gift

Jabra’s CRUISER2 in-car speakerphone

Holding a mobile in one hand and the steering wheel in another is a definite no-no for obvious reasons. Whilst contemporary society has become so au fait with being ‘connected and contactable’, whist on the go, innovative ‘hands-free’ mobile devices are almost an obligatory requirement of modern living. Recognising the demand for safer forms of conversation whilst driving, Jabra – a world leader in innovative hands-free solutions – has launched the CRUISER2 in-car speakerphone.


Following from the success of the critically acclaimed CRUISER, the CRUISER2 boasts similar features as it predecessor and more besides. The essence of the CRUISER2 is to allow drivers to remain compliant with hands-free driving regulations. By including a caller ID, which alerts users of who is making contact, enables drivers to choose to answer or ignore a phone call at their leisure.

Voice guidance talks users through the initial set-up, whilst informing them when the battery is low and connectivity status. Although before you start to worry than a highly annoying robotic-toned voice will interrupt your journey every 20 minutes, the CRUISER2 offers a relatively lengthy 14 hours talk time and up to 20 days of standby time.

It is extremely rare nowadays that any new gadget is made unilateral of other uses other than its primary function, and the CRUISER2 certainly excels as being a multi-functioning in-car speaker phone. Incorporating an FM transmitter, users can transmit MP3 music from a mobile to the CRUISER2 and blast the tunes out on the car’s stereo system. Whilst its Multiuse technology enables users to simultaneously connect up to two Bluetooth gadgets to the CRUISER2 and switch between users to their heart’s content.

For superb sound quality the speakerphone contains Noise Blackout technology, which, by using tactically positioned microphones, distinguishes between caller’s voices and ambient sound, blacking-out exterior sound without compromising voice quality.

The Jabra CRUISER2 is priced at £99 and is now available from all of the major online and retail stores. Comprising safety for the sake of not pulling over to answer a phone call is now an infliction of the past, as driver’s can now cruise along safe in the knowledge they have the CRUISE2 in tow.

Plantronics Voyager Pro Plus: Next level headset technology

Headset technology has been taken to the next level with the Plantronics Voyager Pro Plus, which has awesome noise-cancelling capabilities. This impressive gadget combines two noise-cancelling mics with AudioIQ2 technology, an adaptive 20-band equaliser and multilayered Windsmart technology.

The user can expect to have a clear, uninterrupted discussion, no matter whether they’re on a busy road or in a hectic office. You won’t have to worry about mishearing information ever again as the Plantronics device provides unbeatable inbound audio quality, to enable voices to be heard crisply on each side of the line.


The Voyager Pro Plus sits extremely comfortably on top of your your head. It has an easily accessible power switch and volume rocker which you can take down a notch or two if conversation becomes heated. Among the other features are voice alerts and a battery meter which is fully compatible with the iPhone.

Stuart Bradshaw, EMEA Consumer Marketing Manager, said, ‘today’s smartphone generation want a headset that complements a smarter lifestyle and audio quality they can rely on’.

‘The Voyager PRO+ de?nes a new vision from hands-free convenience and is made to complement life on the go. With the combination of the Plantronics signature audio performance, and optimum comfort and usability, it makes it the ideal companion to the latest generation of smartphones and devices’, he went on.

The Voyager Pro Plus only takes a few minutes to set up and the Plantronics team are only a phone call away, should you require assistance. It is likely that offices all over the country will soon be making conference calls using the Secure Simple Pairing technology, which can be used with phones, PDA’s and laptops.

The £79 price tag is unlikely to be much of a stumbling block and we can expect Apple, Orange and Maplin stores to be experience a surge in interest from prospective Plantronics buyers from November.