Gun Stylus Assault Rifle Limited Edition

I have personally never been an advocator of toy rifles, or war gaming for that matter that requires the use of virtual guns, due to the simple reason that they encourage violence. When therefore I read a press release from the creative interactive software developers, Plow Games, about the arrival of the Gun Stylus Assault Rifle Limited Edition, a gun that you point at an iPhone, iPad or other touch devices to control gaming heroics with greater precision and depth, my immediate reaction was “Is Plow Games having a laugh?”


With an ‘attention-grabbing’ headline, “Zombies fear it – Other Stylus want to be it; The Gun Stylus Assault Rifle Edition makes you cool without trying”, introducing the press release, you can understand what why I felt compelled to laugh!

Although I am sure not everyone will share my mockery, as for any war gaming enthusiasts out there, the ‘killer stylus’, that enables you to ‘shoot, navigate, signature, paint and draw’ at your touch device, would be, as Plow Game’s puts it, “A prized addition to every war gamer’s mobile collection.”

The black toy gun made from a durable plastic features several ‘unique’ features that apparently gives it the ‘edge’ over other gaming accessories. One such feature is the Stylus touch chamber, which apparently improves experiences with applications for navigating, gaming/playing and sketching. The limited edition gaming rifle even includes a Lanyard slot, which means wannabie soldiers can keep their weapon at the ready to draw when needed. Although it has to be said, perhaps the Gun Stylus Assault Rifle’s greatest asset is that it will keep your iPhone, iPad, Android or whatever touch device you may have, screen clean of fingerprints!

In priding itself on developing ‘oh-my-gosh-have-you-seen-that’ products, Plow Games certainly have excelled themselves in creating the admittedly highly creative Gun Stylus Assault Rifle Limited Edition.

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