New Braun cruZer6 range: Beard science

Are beards “in”? I’m never really sure. Latest Gadgets towers isn’t the most stylish of places and I was once described as having the fashion sense of a partially sighted vagrant – whose wife had just left him. But I’m seeing a lot of beards go past me on fixed-gear bicycles on East London. In fact I live in East London, ride a “fixie” and have a beard. Maybe I’ve accidentally become cool without signing up for it.


If (like me) you live on the bleeding edge of fashion, you’ll want to keep your facial hair sharper than the conversation at the Algonquin Round Table. Fortunately for you young man (or unfortunately for you young woman), Braun have released a range of hair clippers and trimmers to keep your follicles from folly.

Beard and Head
The new Braun cruZer6 beard & head is the perfect tool for styling your beard and head. I could stop there really. There’s a click and lock function and a dual battery system for beard trimming power. There’s also a small precision trimmer if you think throwing some shapes on your face will look good (it won’t).

If you’re brimming with hair all over … leave it and just feel good about your body the way it is. But if you *have* to be smooth the Braun cruZer6 body cleverly changes from a trimmer to a shaver at the touch of a button. The Braun cruZer6 body is suitable for all body areas, even as the box puts it “down there” so if you have particularly hairy toes you are in luck. It also features cutting-edge (I refuse to make that pun) wet & dry technology so you can shave and trim in the same stroke in the shower.

The cruZer6 face is 3-in-1 shaver, styler and trimmer so if you want lots, some or no hair on your face they’ve got you covered. As with the body, the wet & dry technology means it can easily be used in the shower, while the advanced SmartFoil technology efficiently captures hair growing in different directions..

Perfectionist? Need to fine tune your style? The cruZer6 precision trimmer features a trimming head with extra-fine teeth for highly detailed face work and comes with two additional trimming combs. Being smaller than a pen, this handy moustache trimmer fits in every toiletry bag and has a dignified little stand to go along with it.

Face – £69.99
Body – £49.99
Beard & Head – £49.99
Precision – £18.99

Out now from Amazon

Homedics 3D, Homedics Me & V05 Perfect Cut

Did you miss Black Friday and Cyber Monday? If you are getting ready for Christmas, we have a few ideas for relaxation and grooming. Instead of rushing about on Christmas Eve, why not order some of these beauties to make someone very happy or even treat yourself. Come Christmas Eve, relax, put your feet up and wait for the party to begin. We have top of the range massagers to ease all those aches and pains and the latest gadgets for male grooming.


Recently, I got to try the Homedics 3D Shiatsu Back and Shoulder Massager and I felt like I was in heaven. Well the 3D theme has managed to reach massagers as it creates a 3D massage experience that uses Shiatsu, Vibration massage and soothing heat. It has 29 settings including spot massage to concentrate on any sore spots. I could really feel it kneading my back and working its way up, I had to be pried away from this. It has a carry bag to make it portable and easy to store. Available from department stores for £229.99.


Any woman will tell you that shaving, epilating and waxing is tedious, messy and painful depending on your weapon of choice. End the cycle of unwanted hair with Homedics me. It is the first at-home elos (IPL and radio frequency) hair reduction system. It is more effective than IPL alone and claims to reduce hair by up to 89% after only four treatments. It can be all over the body, from the cheeks down, and a full body treatment takes approximately 30 minutes. It is very quick because works by gliding over the skin in one continuous motion and requires no preparation or gel. It is available from Boots for £449, reduced to £399 for November and December.


Over 50% of men that use hair clippers cut their own hair, however, the vast majority of hair clippers are not designed for self-cutting. For the gentleman, VO5 have a new grooming range including the VO5 Perfect Cut designed for easy self-cutting. It is ergonomically designed and rotates in your hand to give you the perfect cutting angle. It has a balding comb and 6 length attachments from 2 to 15 mm. It also includes a Left/Right Taper Comb to get a perfect cut around the ears. Available from Tesco for £39.99 with a 1/3 off in November and December. Happy grooming!