Golla’s Special Year-End Edition of Hard Covers for iPhone 4S

With the cost of purchasing an iPhone being terribly high, an almost boundless number of cases and covers for the iPhone available, amidst a seemingly relentless iffy economy, you would have thought the last thing we needed was the arrival of yet more iPhone cases. Although the thought of design and accessory companies not attempting to cash in on the immediate success of the iPhone 4S, which has already sold more than 4 million handsets worldwide, would surely be a little naïve.


Alongside the launch of Apple’s latest smartphone has been an influx of iPhone 4S accessories, including a ‘special year-end edition’ of Golla hard covers for iPhone 4 and 4S.

Offering six hip, brightly-coloured, uniquely designed covers for the iPhone 4S, the Finnish design brand has certainly excelled in the ‘funky’ stakes. Although I can understand why kids may want to brighten-up their iPhone by sheathing it with a florescent pink and orange case with random letters arbitrarily sprawled across it, I cannot really understand those with more ‘mature’ tastes attempting to ‘glam up’ an already ultra-glamorous iPhone 4S. Although despite my scepticism of iPhone cases, they do, Golla assure me, have a useful function.

Made from a durable, shatter-resistant and lightweight polycarbonate, the Golla hard covers will offer protection for an iPhone 4 or 4S, which I suppose it you’ve forked out £499 on a gleaming new iPhone, making it as well protected as possible has to be desirable. Not only are the covers highly durable but their soft touch finish gives them a good grip and, according to Golla, a ‘classy matte look.’

Golla’s six new designs will be available to purchase worldwide from the beginning of December, just in time for Christmas!

For more information head to Golla

Latest Gadgets at the Gadget Show Live 2011

Latest Gadgets made its yearly pilgrimage to the Gadget Show Live in Birmingham to play with the latest and greatest tech that manufacturers had to offer. Fighting our way through the bear pit that is the coffee table in the press room, we emerged refreshed and ran around attempting to see as much as possible before the caffeine wore off.


Our first stop was Brasso (covered here) who had a little stall set up to clean all our gadgets. As an owner of a filthy iPhone, iPad and pair of glasses it was nice to have someone give them a quick wipedown. Plus there was cake. Orbitsound had their T3 mobile stereo speaker on display – a little iPod classic shaped unit that provides stereo sound on the go – and that can be worn around the neck to create a sound aura. Amazing. Also a potential nightmare if young kids on London buses get hold of it.


Wacom had just that day released a Bamboo stylus for the iPad. I’m keen doodler and had a quick play. It feels great to hold – and is very close to holding a real pen. It’s also 25 percent slimmer tip than main competitors as the reps insisted on telling me. The prototype app to accompany it (you can of course use the stylus with all drawing apps) looks pretty fun as well but wasn’t yet ready for final assessment. The stylus should be out in mid-May for about £25.

We waved at the people from 3M who were showing off their MPro 180 wireless pico projector rigged up to a PS3 and an iPad. We had a more in-depth look at it here. The most stylish area was the shiny white Golla zone where lots of beautiful people looked over enthusiastic about a range of pretty looking laptop bags and camera cases. We took a look at some here.


iPad stands were ubiquitous, but the only one that actually caught our eye was Cygnett’s that had copied Apple’s Smart Cover technology (well the wake from sleep functionality) and added a stand that works vertically and horizontally – all in a big (and admittedly slightly bulky) leather case. They were stood next to Henge Docks – a great laptop dock that enabled you to use your MacBook with a Widescreen monitor and pretend you have a full desktop.  We also had a quick look at the PopBox – a self-styled “Apple TV” killer, that streams your HD content via DLNA and its own app store. And we also played with some wireless Jaybird headphones, the Qb desktop USB speakers and FlipVideo who surprisingly said nothing about their impending demise.

Of course this is a tiny fraction of what we had a play with so expect to see a few more in-depth articles over the coming week.

Golla D-SLR and tablet bags review

You want to keep your gadgets safe… of course you do. But does everything protective have to look so drab. Golla think different and have launched a range of fun, colourful yet (importantly) functional bags and cases. As the label and beautiful models scream “Rule your world by colouring it.” Look at their website – seriously have you ever seen someone so happy about having a well protected laptop? I thought not.


We had a look at their general range at CES here (and I love that picture so much I ran it twice) but we thought we’d take a closer look at two of their cases – their tablet protecting sleeve and their DSLR bag.

Eschewing bespoke tablet sizing, the tablet protecting sleeve is device agnostic and will happily house anything up to 10” in size. You could probably even slip a MacBook Air or any other ultraportable into the sleeve or even a *shudder* netbook. Other than that it’s pretty basic – just a protective wallet that should help you avoid unwanted scratches, dents or spillages. If I were throwing my tablet/ultraportable in a backpack I’d be glad of the protective sheath. And the pattern on the front is fun and distinctive, which is always a bonus.

The DSLR bag is well compartmentalised with two zippable front pockets with room for notes, SD cards, CF cards (damn you Canon), batteries, white balancing cards and all the other useful bumpf you need to take with you for a shoot. The inner compartments have Velcro separators so you can adjust to make adequate room for you lens and body set up. At the base of the bag are super cool rubber feet  (well strips really) that hold the bag in place and keep all your goodies safe.  And there are lovely big flowers on the front

Check out the range at www.Golla.com

CES 2011: Golla cases and bags for your gadgets

If Santa was good to you this Christmas and bought you a new phone or even iPad it is time to start thinking accessories. So by now you have got to grips with it and you want a new case. When you have something as valuable as the iPad you need something stylish and functional to carry it around. A quality bag or case which does not fall apart on you after 2 weeks can sometimes be hard to find. Golla have cases and bags for iPhones, eReaders, cameras and laptops and they announced their 2011 range at CES 2011. Here are some the best.


Golla introduce the G-bag in 5 colours with the grey being my favourite with the stylish design. With a magnetic flap, it’s easy to open and close. A G-bag can be used for an iPad or laptop using the padded compartment. The straps can be folded away so they no longer drag on the floor. Golla show their flair for design with the laptop bags as they have a dedicated laptop compartment with velcro fastening to keep it in place. They also come with a screen cloth to keep your laptop clean. There are several more compartments to keep your accessories, keys and wallet. The designs tend to be letters or floral designs on the flap and will suit men and women. A lot of the new designs are in denim as it seems to be the rage, good for a more casual look.

If you a new DSLR camera, then how about camera bag? Golla’s cam bags are padded and two removable walls in the bags to provide extra space when needed. They come in 3 sizes and the large cam bag has extra slots for memory cards, outside pockets for ease and a top handle to carry when your shoulder hurts. The small size is for compact cameras.

The new range of cases for mobile phones has been given an extra pocket which is perfect for storing earphones or loose change. Some of the cases have a carabiner attached which is useful for sporty people as you can clip it to your bag or belt. The new Golla collection will be available from April in Currys and phone retailers.