GoKart launches ‘psychic’ electric golf trolley

The electric golf trolley used to be a sign of advancing years. It was the signal to everyone else that your days of lugging a golf bag over your shoulder or pushing a trolley uphill are now over thank you very much. It is that time when you are on, what many people term, as the ‘back nine of life.’


Fortunately, technology has helped to remove the stigma of advancing age because practically anything that will let you post a better score will be devoured by everyone regardless of their age.

So electric trolleys are now cool and trendy. The only problem is they’re often bulky and have a mind of their own, frequently going off in all directions because you forgot to turn them off when you stopped. GoKart have put paid to all that nonsense with a new device that by simply gripping the handle it will trundle along beside you matching your walking speed until you grip it again when you want to stop.

The GoKart’s fold away lightweight design means it’s also one of the easiest trolleys to manage on the market and the designers Chris and Joe Catford should know; after all they were the original inventors of PowaKaddy the most popular electric trolley in golf. As Chris says of GoKart ““There are no complicated latches, connections or fittings and people really seem to like that so we thought the best way to improve on our success was to make it even easier. Now people don’t have to worry about adjusting the speed to exactly match theirs, it happens automatically”.

The standard battery comes with an 18 hole lifespan although there are 36 hole and lithium batteries for an even longer life span available as options too.

So, with a psychic ultra light trolley at your side, you’ll have no excuses for pleading exhaustion as the reason for yet another dismal round. The GoKart Automatic  is available for  £284