GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition: White knuckles never looked so good

I drove a Harley around Europe recently and had a particularly eventful journey crossing the Great St Bernard Pass, one of the best classic mountain road experiences you’ll ever get in Europe. It was, it has to be said, the perfect opportunity to put my helmet mounted  Hero Go Pro through its paces, and thankfully for me I didn’t need to go back and repeat the feat, the Hero lived up to its name in a heroic sort of way delivering some pretty sharp on the move video footage.


The new Hero 3 version however is a different story altogether. It’s 30% smaller and 25% lighter than its predecessor (very welcome when its bolted on top of your head) and waterproof up to 60m. But the real genius of the Hero is in the visuals:  this generation can capture ultra-wide angle HD video  in various degrees of clarity depending on how meaty your SD card happens to be. 60 fps at 1080p 48 fps at 1440p, 120 fps at 720p, 30 fps at 2.7Kp  and 15 fps 4Kp. Whilst 15 frames per second is not what you would class as cinema quality, it is described as the world’s first 4K capable action cam, so there.

For me though, the real benefit is in the much improved stills department. The GoPro 3  can capture 12MP photos at an impressive rate of 30 photos per second, more than enough to recreate that adrenaline high you got from that snowboard leap, or passing by those snoozers on the black downhill run.

There’s  built-in Wi-Fi  so you can stream footage to your mobile media, GoPro App compatibility, and the Wi-Fi Remote which is normally a £79.99 accessory is included in the package.

With budget considerations a factor, there are also more modest silver and white editions available, The GoPro Hero 3 will make those action packed days even more heroic.

The HERO3: Black Edition £379.99, HERO3: Silver Edition £279.99 and the HERO3: White Edition £179.99.