Gigaset launches SL910A the UK’s first touchscreen phone

Thanks largely to the influence of Apple’s iPhone, buttons on  mobile phones are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Now German manufacturer Gigaset hopes to kick-start this buttonless trend in the home telephone market by launching a range of state of the art cordless touchscreen phones, dubbed the SL910A.


Strongly influenced by the latest generation of smart-phones and tablet PCs, the phones go on general sale in November, putting them in pole position for the Christmas sales, although slightly expensive for a sticking filler at over £100 each. You do get plenty of bang for your buck though, and the technology integrated into each phone is certainly impressive.

The 6.8 x 4.5 cm high resolution screen boasts an ultra clear display and a slick user interface that makes it easy to navigate around the SL910A. With a tap of your finger you can open up address books, retrieve messages, dial number and even view a photo slide show (although quite why you would want this feature in a home telephone is another matter entirely). With enough capacity to store 240 pictures at a time on the phone and the ability to create a slideshow, it would be rude not to use it.

There is enough memory to store up to 500 different contacts (which can also display pictures), a built-in calendar, a multitude of ring-tones and all of the standard features you would expect to find a in a modern phone.

This clever package is all encased in a smart-looking black metal frame, ensuring that the SL910A not only looks good but is also durable enough to withstand day to day knocks during use.

A must-buy for any modern gadget nuts household, and serves as a tantalising glimpse into the future of touchscreen phones.

You can find out more about Gigaset at