CHOBiCAM Cheese Camera is Gouda’Nuff


The new camera by Japan Trust Technology puts a whole new meaning to “Say Cheese!”. The company has just revealed the launch of the first ever cheese-shaped camera. The miniature camera promises to make anyone smile, without ever having to tell them to say cheese. The camera is called a CHOBiCAM and while it looks like a kid’s toy camera, it actually takes high-resolution 1280×1024 pixel pictures that can be loaded onto your computer, just like any other digital camera.

If you’re wondering just how small the CHOBiCAM is, picture yourself putting a piece of cheddar in the palm of your hand. The company related it to about the size of a traditional eraser and the camera only weighs 16 grams, with the exact cheesy dimensions being W45xH30xD24mm. 16 grams is about the weight of 3 or 4 crayons, which tells you exactly how light it is.


Aside from taking pictures of your friends, or of cheese, you can also take short video with the camera. The tiny camera records sound just as well as most basic digital cameras do while shooting video, and it stores audio as MP3 files. The maximum amount for video and audio is approximately 75 minutes, which is perfectly serviceable. The CHOBiCAM also takes vintage-looking pictures without the use of filters.

When you purchase the CHOBiCAM, you can use any micro SDHC memory card to store your pictures, video and audio files. It also comes with a chargeable battery and USB cable – the battery only takes about an hour to give you full charge. Because you’re using a micro SD card, you will need an AC adapter for transferring media files.

Take a metaphorical bite out of this new cheese-shaped camera and capture natural and honest smiles from your friends. Just seeing the triangular, cheesy digital camera makes it impossible for people not to smile. The challenge will certainly be keeping the camera safe since it’s so small and adorable, everyone will be tempted to use for themselves. As an added bonus, Japan Trust Technology includes a small camera strap, to help you hold on to it.