GiddyUp: Party planning for iOS and Android

We’re all set here at Latest Gadgets HQ to get inviting with the brand new (and rather swanky) GiddyUp app for the iPhone. What’s the big idea then?


Well ladies and gents, GiddyUp is completely cross-platform, and is an app for iOS and Android that’ll make it easier for friends and family to get together…. sounds simple enough, right? In a statement, developers MEDL Mobile said: “We want to eliminate the endless e-mail chains, 200 texts, wall posts and tweets, not to mention 12,000 Facebook ‘friends knowing what you’re doing’.”
Good luck with that, right? We all love our plethora of texts, Facebook and Twitter updates… do we really need it making any easier for us to get through the day? Probably. And this is quite bloomin’ handy, to be fair.

Here’s the skinny (I’ve always wanted to write that…), GiddyUp lets you create an RSVP-able event with the basic what/where/when functions. From there, you can select who you want to invite from your truest social network (so… probably your mobile contacts list?) and you’re done.
From there, your friends (who also have the GiddyUp app) will receive push notifications to respond to your event personally – it’s basically cutting out all the faff! Don’t worry though, your friends without GiddyUp can receive an SMS with a link to a mobile web-page that provides all the response functionality they need… repeat none of your friends need the app to respond! Best of all, there’s no sign-up required (phew!). Responses are generated immediately, so you won’t have to wait hours (or days) like you do for responses with other applications. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes… yes!
A few extra features on this work rather nicely – such as the one-touch RSVP function, privacy controls and attendance tracker which, on the whole make the planning process easier.

The built-in group chat option is pretty useful for those situations when planning is more communal and can be spread between a core group of friends. So, for instance, whether you have drinks planned tonight, nice dinners to arrange, or even the classic impromptu party, then GiddyUp should have you covered.

The app is available on both iPhone and Android and is currently free.

If you need any further proof of this app’s general usefulness, then check out the video here.