Samsung’s new Alpha – the latest saga in Samsung’s Galaxy Quest


Samsung has just unveiled its latest handset – the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. What is all the fuss about?

Starting with the size, it is rather slim at just 6.7 mm thick and is the first Galaxy to be fitted with a metal frame. It is not a heavy handset either, weighing in at just 115 grams – very lightweight and very portable.

So far so good, and Samsung has listened to some of its criticism in terms of the robustness of its phones. One noticeable drawback in the new Alpha is the back is fitted with a flimsy plastic case unlike its rivals Apple and HTC, but this carries the advantage over these rivals in that you can remove the battery. However the flimsy plastic case also prevents effective water-proofing – a small detail but one that would have been appreciated. 

It comes with fingerprint sensor built into the Home button, similar to its other family members. This feature is a relatively new development in mobiles, and comes standard with Apple’s latest iPhone 5. Fingerprint scanning allows for near-instant recognition of the fingerprint of registered users in the phone, so passwords and codes do not have to be entered to access the phone. This works well on the iPhone 5, but Samsung’s fingerprint scanning in its recent Galaxy S5 has taken flak recently, and is reputed to be fairly temperamental and does not work nearly as efficiently as the iPhone’s.

The comparisons with other members of the Galaxy family are pretty well rounded up by Andrew Williams over at Trusted Review where he says:

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is not a replacement for the Galaxy S5. In many respects it’s a lower-end phone, sitting in-between the Galaxy S5 and S5 Mini in terms of spec.

It has been fitted with Octa Core (Quad 1.8GHz + Quad 1.3GHz) processor complete with 2GB RAM – plenty of processing power for YouTube watchers and Facebook users, but lacking behind the Galaxy S5 if you’re a serious mobile gamer due to its reduced processing power.


On the screen side you will find a 4.7inch HD (1280x720p). While this is a decent resolution for a handset, it has been pointed out by Trusted Reviews that it is far from being the best screen on the market: “A long shot from the Full HD and QHD heights of the market leading devices”.

The phone is shipped with the Android KitKat 4.4.4 operating system and has internal memory capacity of 32GB – a good amount of space if you plan to store lots of photos, music and videos on your phone. It doesn’t have a SD slot so if you have the tendency to hoard data your phone you may have to ensure you have your phone properly organised. For the selfie lover you have a 2.1MP at the front and a 12MP at the back – plenty of photo quality whether you’re taking photos of yourself or someone else.

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha comes in 5 attractive colours. Charcoal Black, Dazzling White, Frosted Gold, Sleek Silver, and Scuba Blue are all available and look great, so make sure you choose before you buy or you may be stuck for choice. So far Carphone Warehouse as an exclusivity on the blue option. Other provider in line are EE , Vodafone and Three but the phone is not due to release until late August top early September. No announcement has been made by Samsung in terms of pricing for the moment so we shall have to wait and wait and see if the Galaxy Alpha is going to take the world of mobiles over.