Brunton’s Pocket-Size Hydrogen Reactor Charger


Hydrogen has long been hailed as the power source of the future. This abundantly available element can be fused with oxygen to provide a limitless supply of clean energy, but its use has hitherto been confined to expensive prototypes. However, it’s now possible to put a hydrogen reactor in your pocket, thanks to a remarkable new device from Brunton.

Self-descriptively titled the Hydrogen Reactor, this ingenious handheld gadget contains a pair of compact and removable hydrogen cores. Acting as its energy source, these cores react with oxygen carried in the air to generate a 5V 2A electrical output. That is sufficient to fully recharge an iPhone half a dozen times, and when the hydrogen cores are exhausted, they can be replenished at a cost of just £4 per cell.

The benefits of the Hydrogen Reactor go far beyond cost savings, however. This is a completely environmentally friendly way to charge any USB-powered device, including cameras, tablets, GPS systems and even water purifiers. Since hydrogen and oxygen combine to produce water (which is where the hydrogen in each core has originally been sourced from), no chemicals or waste products are generated, and cores can be replenished using Brunton’s proprietary Hydrolyser.

Weighing just 216 grams when fully charged, the Reactor is lightweight and easy to transport, while its vibrant colour palette includes yellow and orange casings, alongside a more sober black option. There is a dedicated Optimiser button on the device, to manage the power needed to charge up different devices. Taken as a whole, this is unquestionably a cooler and greener method of recharging gadgets than conventional battery packs, and it avoids the manual labour demanded by wind-up chargers.

Even though it was only unveiled recently, the Hydrogen Reactor has already started winning awards, and to underline its long-term dependability, this charging system comes with a no-quibble lifetime guarantee as well. Priced at £135, the Hydrogen Reactor will be launched in November alongside its accompanying Hydrolyser, and it will be available from the website and various outdoor retailers.

Video: myFC PowerTrekk fuel cell charger (2013 edition)


The myFC PowerTrekk, a portable charger that integrates a battery pack with a hydrogen-powered fuel cell, was originally announced back in early 2011. As a refresher for those who may have forgotten – the PowerTrekk is a fuel cell charger for small electronics like mobile phones, cameras and GPS devices and it is both a fuel cell and a portable battery pack. The fuel cell enables instant charging from a depleted battery state without ever needing a wall charge. Users simply insert a fuel puck and add water.

The long-awaited product became available to buy last Spring and now, at CES 2013, the Swedish company behind the product announced a new and improved model. These improvements include a completely redesigned water tank to improve usability, the efficiency of the engine has been improved and the chemistry of the power ‘pucks’ have been changed to be more powerful. This new myFC PowerTrekk is expected to start shipping towards the end of Q1 and be in stores in April/May with a retail price of US$229 and you can buy a 3 pack of pucks for $12.

We caught up with the team at CES and filmed the following video

You can find out more about the myFC PowerTrekk at