Sky Sports Kick Off New Season With Pub Challenge App


Sky Sports has launched a new app to coincide with the start of the new football season, offering features aimed specifically at fans watching games in their local pubs. Included in Sky Sports Pub Challenge is a pub finder for locating big-screen TVs and a variety of games and activities to play once you’ve been checked in to a nearby watering hole.

The emphasis is on adding a competitive prediction element to a match — you can take on your friends and anyone else who happens to be using the app in the same venue. “We’re expecting Sky Sports Pub Challenge to be a big hit with people who like to watch the big games with friends down at the pub,” said Sky’s David Rey. “It’s a rewarding and sociable way for people to get into the action and make the most of match days down at their local pub.”

Not only do you get bragging rights if you make an accurate score prediction, there’s money on the table too: monthly prizes up to £2,500 can be won and there’s a grand end-of-season prize of £20,000. Free tickets to Barclays Premier League games are also on offer for those who know their football.


Having an app that can quickly pinpoint a Sky Sports pub in an unfamiliar location is reason enough to download it; the trivia games and prediction leagues are an added bonus that should appeal to groups of supporters who head down to the pub to enjoy (or suffer through) matches on a regular basis. According to Sky, over 2.2m of us watch live sport in the pub at least once a week. With many venues now offering Wi-Fi as well as a variety of beers, you might not even have to rely on a dodgy mobile connection to get involved.

Sky Sports Pub Challenge is available now free of charge for iPhone and Android. Other built-in features include lists of upcoming fixtures and the ability to forward plan meet ups with friends.

FourFourTwo App review

If you’re football-crazed, you’ll willingly spend £2.99 on an iPhone app. For those of us who aren’t as zealous, there will need to be some convincing. So why is Planet Football, an app made by FourFourTwo magazine, worth the price? Read on.



Firstly, it’s packed with content from FourFourTwo. All the latest news and blogs are available on your phone, customised for the small screen. Sure, the information is free from their website – but the app is cheaper than the price of the magazine, which must be the market the developers are after (and not for you, free-website-reading news-thieves!)

Aside from the writing, there’s a whole host of football mini-games to keep you occupied. All the old-school Flash favourites are there, like Volleys and Keepy Uppy, while you’ll also find a Stadium Quiz and your chance to star in your very own FourFourTwo front cover with ‘magazine creator’.

It’s all been put together in an attractive package, that’s easy-to-use and actually provides an enjoyable, instant experience. It’s quicker to get to the FourFourTwo content on the app than the website, saving you time. Which is great, because the app’s time-wasting games are easy to get into and hard to put down.


Quality-wise, the app was developed by Square Enix and Eidos Interactive – from Championship Manager fame. It’s nice to know studios equally passionate at football are behind it. There’s an almost guarantee of quality, rather than some third-party magazine tie-in apps that turn-up on the marketplace.
Have a look at the iTunes page for more screenshots – it is rather nice.

So if you want the latest news, match reviews, fixture previews or to don your gaming shoes, find it all in FourFourTwo – Planet Football.

*** Update***
The app is currently on offer at £1.79 till the end of the month, down from its usual £2.99.