The Gristleism, bring the noise

The Gristleism (or Buddha Machine 3.0) is a nifty little gadget for fans of alternative electronic music. This sonic mutant was created by FM3’s Christiaan Virant in partnership with the cult industrial (electro music featuring acoustic and rock instrumentation…FYI) act Throbbing Gristle and manufactured by Industrial Records Ltd. Basically though, it’s the infinitely wacky and wonderful offspring of FM3’s original Buddha Machine concept but it packs almost twice the frequency range and a few more loops than any of the original models.

This tiny beast (that sort of resembles a cheap transistor radio) will fit into the palm of your hand and features a variety of vibrant sounds that will blow your mind. While this might seem like a gadget geared solely to appeal to fans of TG, there are elements to this portable monster that make it instantly appealing and accessible to all types of music fans.


The Gristleism is simple to operate – there are three easy to use buttons including volume control pitch control and loop selection so that you can effortlessly pick through and change the sounds after deciding whether you fancy something soothing or just downright trippy.

All of the 13 loops available for you to choose from were created by Throbbing Gristle and each one is original and very fun to mess around with. Note the imaginative titles as well – ‘Hamburger Lady’ and ‘Twenty Jazz Funk Greats’ rank as some of my personal favourites. The unique sounds that you can experiment with range from pure electronic music, to classical via experimental noise. The latter option sounds pretty cool being belted out of the built-in 50mm speaker – though it’s compact it’ll definitely give you a decent smack in the ear leaving you as delightfully red as the most colourful model.

So, if you’d like to create experimental music but can’t be arsed to buy an expensive program to make your own, or if you just like the sound of creatively pulverising another artist’s tunes using a box that you can buy for under £20, then this is the gadget for you.

Gristleism is powered by two AA batteries and available at £21.99. It’s now available via (search ‘Gristleism’). Find out more by checking out