Great Gadgets & Gifts for Her

Forget the usual perfume or underwear and think outside the box this year with a few gadget ideas…

Zeo Sleep Manager

Do you have a sister or partner who is always looking for way to improve her health and wellbeing? The Zeo Sleep Manager Mobile (£89) uses the latest technology to tell you how you slept. A Zeo Softwave headband tracks your sleep stages throughout the night and then transfers your sleep data either to a bedside unit or wirelessly to your smart phone. In the morning, Zeo shows you how much time you spent in Light, Deep and REM sleep and gives you a real, timed sleep graph with your sleep patterns. You can then compare your nightly Zeo sleep score to your age group, personal target and learn how to improve your sleep.

Price: £89


Jelly Belly Scented phone covers

The Jelly Belly Candy Company has launched a new range of scented smartphone covers for BlackBerry and Apple users. There are nine popular scented covers to choose from, so she can carry her favourite jelly bean scent with her wherever she goes. Choose from Bubblegum, Very Cherry, Blueberry, Top Banana, Green Apple, Wild Blackberry, French Vanilla, Liquorice and Grape. Each purchase comes with a 10g bag of jelly beans (which you can gobble up before Christmas if you like!) – even the camera lens hole is the shape of a jelly bean!

Price: £15.99 and £17.99


ZOMM Wireless Leash

Using Bluetooth® technology, the ZOMM Leash prevents users from losing their mobile phone by vibrating, flashing lights and sounding an alarm whenever they walk a set distance away from it. The device is designed to easily attach to key rings, bag straps or fit into pockets and is fully-customisable. Many women also use the Leash as a safety device to keep their children from wandering-off while out and about. Pop the Leash into a child’s pocket and if they stray too far away, the alarm will sound – alerting parents that their child is out of sight.

Price: £69.95


Threadless iPhone & iPod Cases

Griffin has teamed up with crowd-sourcing company, Threadless, to turn its most popular t-shirts into great-looking iPhone cases. Available in a range of designs there’s sure to be something to suit her taste.

Price: : £24.99
From: Apple stores


PrimaDonna S from De’Longhi

Good things come in small packages and if she loves a really good cup of coffee in the morning but can’t justify taking up space in the kitchen, De Longhi has released the PrimaDonna S coffee machine, which it says is the most compact and feature-rich bean to cup coffee machine to date. She can enjoy espressos, cappuccinos and lattes all at the touch of a button, if your pockets are deep enough..

Price: £1,395


Sky+HD Designer Boxes

Has she been hinting that she’d like a little something from Agent Provocateur? Well here’s something you’ll both enjoy then – a limited edition Sky+HD box with a design especially created by the famous lingerie designers. Other designers who have got in on the act include Matthew Williamson, Farrow & Ball and Julie Verhoeven. Treat yourself to a Sky Sports package while you’re at it!

Price: £49 for existing customers (£149 for new customers)


Atomic Floyd MiniDarts + Remote

Especially made for more delicately proportioned ears, Atomic Floyd has updated its MiniDarts earphone to include a remote feature that offers full control of playback and volume, plus seamless switching between music and chat (with full iPhone and iPad compatibility). Made from metal for a bigger sound and durability and offering soundproof noise isolation.

Price: £179.95

John Lewis Hearmuffs

Warm ears, cool sounds. These fashionable cable knit headphones connect to her iPod/iPhone/Phone/MP3 player via a 3.5mm headphone jack. They have an adjustable backband design for a great fit and are available in cream, black, pink and grey.

Price: £15


Homedics Me laser hair reduction system

Okay, this is not something to be buying a new girlfriend unless you want her to be an ex-girlfriend pretty rapidly, but if you’re sure your other half will not take offence, this system combines IPL with radio frequency to remove up to 89% more hair in just four treatments. The makers claim the system is unique, fast and efficient and can be used on a much wider spectrum of skin types as well as on the face below the cheekbones. A full body treatment takes just 30 minutes with ten per leg and two per underarm and one cartridge holds three full body treatments.

Price: £399.99