Ultra Motor Fast4ward cycles

Ultra Motor, the makers of electric bikes, may be one of the biggest names in transport that you’ve never heard of. Producing over 250,000 electric motors a year, its creations have ended up in the hands of Leonardo Di Caprio, Johnny Vaughan and Jay Leno. And with its new Fast4ward range, electric bikes may just have got better than ever.


The new Fast4ward cycles were designed to outrun the preconception that electric bikes are slow, heavy and ugly. As such, all three bikes in the range reach up to 15.5mph – 50% above the average cycling speed.

They also weigh between 19kg – 21kg, shaving a few kilos off of rival electric bike systems. And the look – well, look at the pictures and tell us. All of the bikes were designed by a German team of designers with over 16 years of experience.

• The Fast4ward range is also relatively affordable. Starting at £999 for the Edge (20″ wheels, 26v battery), the range increases to 26″ for the Ride (£1,099) and in size and battery (36v) for the Peak (£1,249). Once you’ve bought the bike, however, Ultra Motor assure us that it’s about 7p of electricity for 40 miles of motoring. Bargain.
• The Panasonic Lithium-Ion batteries take four hours to fully recharge, although you should get 80% power in 120 minutes. The smaller, 26v battery pumps out up to 25 miles of travelling, while the bigger version manages an impressive 40.
• If you’re curious, Ultra Motor is currently inviting people to give the new Fast4ward a free trial. Anyone interested in buying an e-bike can borrow one for a maximum of three days – and hand it back if they’re not interested.
• Testers will be encouraged to create a video diary of their e-biking experience and upload them to YouTube, with one lucky vlogger given a free bike at the end.